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If there is one constant in a successful life, it is learning. Starting as a small child, through school, at university, and later at work: without constant learning, we will not progress in life. Even in retirement, training our cognitive abilities can still provide new insights and ensure an extended old age with good mental fitness.

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Despite all these advantages, learning is often difficult for us. It’s tedious and rarely as fun as it should be. Sometimes it frustrates us and often we don’t even do it willingly. At this point, I even lean a little further out of the window and assert: Most people not only don’t like to learn – they even hate it at times.

And that’s a shame. Too bad even.

For this reason, I have collected some learning motivation for you in this article. In total, I have collected 125 quotes about learning for you and would like to make your current (or future) learning process easier with this collection. The following study quotes will motivate you and show you how meaningful and valuable your efforts will be.

After a small quote -bite, you learn directly much more focused and determined

125 Motivational Quotes About Learning

Quote #1

Nobody gets everything right the first time. What defines us is how we learn from our mistakes.

Richard Branson

Quote #2

The happiness of life is not in having few or no difficulties, but in overcoming them all victoriously and gloriously.

Carl Hilty

Quote #3

Don’t worry about your difficulties with math. I can ensure you, mine is even bigger.

Albert Einstein

Quote #4

Obstacles and difficulties are steps we climb up.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Quote #5

The greatest enemy of progress is not error but inertia.

Henry Thomas Buckle

Quote #6

There is no shame in not knowing, but there is shame in not wanting to learn.


Quote #7

If you stop getting better, you stop being good.

Philip Rosenthal

Quote #8

Learning is like rowing against the current. If you stop it, you drift back.


Quote #9

As iron rusts when it is not used, and stagnant water spoils or freezes when it is cold, the mind degenerates without practice.

Leonardo da Vinci

Quote #10

The best training is still doing it independently.

Cyril Northcote Parkinson

Quote #11

It is not enough to know – one must also apply. It is not enough to want – one must also do.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Quote #12

There is no such thing as failure. You either succeed or you learn.

Kevin Kruse

Quote #13

Whoever heaven has set aside for a great task only wears down their heart and will through suffering.


Quote #14

It’s not the mountain we conquer – we conquer ourselves.

Edmund Hillary

Quote #15

Character is not formed without suffering.

Ernst Baron von Moisturesleben

Quote #16

If you don’t lose your mind about certain things, you have nobody to lose.

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

Quote #17

The mind is like a ticket: it only makes sense when used.

Ernst Reinhold Hauschka

Quote #18

An untrained brain is more harmful to health than an untrained body.

George Bernard Shaw

Quote #19

A bit of education decorates the whole person.

Heinrich Heine

Quote #20

A book is a mirror, when a monkey looks in, no apostle can lookout.

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Quote #21

Education does not come from reading, but from thinking about what you read.

Carl Hilty

Quote #22

Those who know how to read hold the key to great deeds, to unimagined possibilities.

Aldous Huxley

Quote #23

Even a heavy door only needs a small key.

Charles Dickens

Quote #24

It is not because it is difficult that we do not dare, but because we do not dare that it is difficult.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Quote #25

I’m not afraid of storms. I’m learning how to steer my ship.

Louisa May Alcott

Quote #26

The successful learn from their mistakes and will start from the beginning on new paths.

Dale Carnegie

Quote #27

Do not look for mistakes, look for solutions.

Henry Ford

Quote #28

The solution is always simple, you just have to find it.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Quote #29

All things are difficult before they become easy.

Thomas Fuller

Quote #30

It’s easy to learn from failure. It is more difficult to learn from victories.

Gustav Stresemann

Quote #31

A head without a memory is a fortress without a garrison.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Quote #32

Everyone complains about their memory, nobody about their intellect.

François de La Rochefoucauld

Quote #33

Have the courage to use your own understanding.

Immanuel Kant

Quote #34

It is two different things to have received intelligence and to have learned to use the intelligence that one has received.

Dorothea Erxleben

Quote #35

Especially people who don’t learn anything don’t learn anything from the fact that they haven’t learned anything.

Erhard Blanck


These quotes about learning can change the way you look at your current challenges and help you focus on the positive side of learning. Of course, it’s not easy to learn something new or to deal with an unpleasant topic – but your effort will pay off if you persevere.

Try to draw motivation and energy from the quotes and be inspired by the thoughts of the great people. These people had to overcome themselves just as often when learning and were guaranteed to have their difficulties in one or the other field of knowledge. However, they never gave up and resolutely went their own way.

And so can you. Next time you’re stuck in your studies or stuck in low motivation, read a few quotes from this article, get help with capstone project, and become inspired to tackle problems and challenges further on. You are not alone in your situation and can relate to many prominent figures. And now do the same – and keep learning!

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