2021 Is 1984 – Our Liberties And Freedoms Are Being Ripped Away From Us And America Is Almost Gone – Investment Watch

by Michael Snyder

If solely George Orwell may see what we now have grow to be.  In the present day I’m writing this text within the midst of a deep state of disappointment.  I’ve to confess, I haven’t been this unhappy in a really very long time.  In actual fact, I don’t even know if I’m going to have the ability to full this text.  What they’re doing to this nation that I really like is de facto beginning to get to me emotionally.  America is meant to be a beacon of liberty and freedom for your complete world, however now we’re on the reducing fringe of the worldwide pattern towards authoritarianism.  I do know that lots of people have been leaving america lately in an try to flee the insanity, however at this level we see authoritarianism on the rise nearly in all places.  Simply have a look at New Zealand.  Simply have a look at Australia.  Simply have a look at the Philippines.  At one time folks had been fleeing to these nations, however now they’ve grow to be a few of the most authoritarian regimes of all.

I really feel so annoyed as a result of I really feel like I’ve been banging my head towards a brick wall.  Over the previous decade, I’ve written numerous articles warning that we had been shedding our liberties and our freedoms, and really giant numbers of individuals everywhere in the globe learn these articles.

However did they do any good?

Listed below are just some examples of what I’m speaking about…

“Thoughts On The ‘New Normal’ And The Things That We Are Losing As A Society…”

“Without Freedom Of Speech, What Is Going To Happen To America?”

“Less Government. More Freedom.”

“The Police State Is Coming For ‘Religious Extremists’, ‘Evangelical Christians’, ‘Pro-Life’ Activists And ‘Libertarians’”

“12 Signs That Americans Who Love Liberty And Freedom Should Watch Their Backs”

I warned that at the present time was coming, and now it’s right here.

For some time, they had been content material to whittle away our liberties and freedoms on the periphery, however now we face a full-fledged frontal assault on our most simple liberties and freedoms.

And what makes it much more horrifying is the truth that thousands and thousands of fully brain-washed Individuals are cheering them on as they do it.

If our founders may see us at the moment, they might be completely horrified at what we now have grow to be.

As a result of I’m typically so vital of what has occurred to us, lots of people on the market assume that I need to hate this nation.

However in fact that isn’t true in any respect.  I deeply love America.  I deeply love our historical past, I deeply love our traditions, and I deeply love the values that this nation is meant to signify.

That’s the reason it deeply grieves me that this stuff are actually being ripped away from us.

We’re the technology that’s witnessing the top of America.

For no matter time frame the political entity referred to as “america” is allowed to proceed, it received’t be “America” anymore.

Positive, the U.S. Structure will nonetheless be on public show someplace, and the politicians will nonetheless pay lip service to it.  However for all sensible functions, the dream of what “America” was presupposed to be might be lifeless.

Typically folks say that we now have too many complainers and never sufficient folks taking motion, however I’m a type of those that did attempt to take motion.  I spent practically a whole yr of my life operating for workplace, and me and my marketing campaign supervisor traveled hundreds upon hundreds of miles in order that we may personally discuss to as many citizens as attainable.  In every single place I went I warned that except emergency motion was taken there wasn’t going to be a future for America.  I begged, I pleaded, I delivered passionate speech after passionate speech, however ultimately it wasn’t ok.

In the end, I used to be beat by the very definition of a “seat filler”.  The man who beat me couldn’t be extra inactive even when he out of the blue become a door deal with.

Why can’t we now have extraordinarily passionate politicians which have hearth of their bellies?

Simply have a look at what occurred today.  My father was within the U.S. Navy, and so to see this occur actually made me sick.

So why aren’t liberty-loving members of Congress talking up about this?

Rand Paul has chosen to make a bold stand.

The place on the planet is everybody else?

I’m so sick and bored with these “do nothing” politicians.  They’re standing apart as our Republic is actually being destroyed.

Lots of people on the market nonetheless assume that the adjustments that we’re witnessing are simply short-term.  They assume that ultimately this pandemic will fade away and every thing will return to “regular” in some way.

However what they don’t notice is that the elite will at all times discover one other excuse to maneuver even additional down the highway towards authoritarianism.

20 years in the past, it was 9/11.

Then it was “the conflict on terror”, which has now advanced into “the conflict on home extremism”.

For the previous couple of years, the pandemic has given them the duvet that they wanted to significantly speed up their program.

In 2021, the federal authorities is working hand in hand with large firms and the mainstream media to advance the “Huge Brother” agenda.  At this level issues have gotten so unhealthy that we are able to’t even criticize sure particular factors of their agenda anymore as a result of if we do we’ll instantly get censored.

For a very long time, the Web allowed strange residents such as you and me to speak on a mass scale exterior of their management.

However now these days are over, as a result of they’re clamping down actually onerous.

Identical to in George Orwell’s novel, they need to management what we are saying, what we predict, what we imagine and what we really feel.

Having an impartial opinion is “harmful”, and considering for your self is “harmful”.

We’ve got actually grow to be a “1984 society”, and most Individuals are simply standing by and watching it occur.

And as I’ve been saying for years, if we keep on our present course there is no future for America.

Even Joe Rogan is utilizing the phrase “dictatorship” to explain the course that our nation is headed.

Many are placing their heads within the sand and are assuming that our system will appropriate itself ultimately.

However each single day, issues are getting even worse.

Should you love liberty, now could be the time to face up and say one thing.  Time is quickly operating out, and authoritarianism is on the march.

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