5 Tips For Selecting The Right Toll Processing Company

As a production company, you might want to expand your operations but lack resources. This could be in terms of equipment, labor, or production space. However, all hope isn’t lost for you. 

Consider hiring a toll processing company to execute these operations for you. How do you choose a partner company that would best fulfill your business requirements? This article will give you tips to follow to ensure you settle on the right toll manufacturer. Read on!

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  • Know Your Needs

The first step in selecting a toll processing company is understanding your needs.

Identify what part of your operations you need the toll manufacturing company to do for your business. Will the third-party company only fulfill some critical parts of the production process, or will they complete the manufacturing of a product? 

You must also clearly define the quality standards they should meet to produce your goods. It’s also crucial to develop a preferred manufacturing method you need them to use in production.  

By knowing and understanding your needs and preferences, you’re in a better position to choose a suitable toll processor. These needs can be used as your evaluation and decision criteria to avoid compromising any vital aspects. 

  • Consider Reputation

Just like in any selection process, client reviews play a crucial role. Getting feedback from clients or customers they’ve worked with before gives you more insight into their service delivery, production performance, and client management.

Most toll processing companies have websites where you can check for reviews left by customers. If there’s any possible chance of you contacting them directly, ask as many questions as possible.

The right toll manufacturer will have many positive reviews. Previous clients will only have good things to say about their services, and they have a long-term business relationship. This could signal their credibility and reliability as a manufacturing partner. 

  • Inquire About Their Capacity

Capacity, in this context, refers to the number of goods they can produce in a given time frame. This is often denoted in volume, where liquids are associated or mass for the solids.

Your company of choice should be able to meet, even exceed, your production needs. Their capabilities are based on their infrastructure, including their team size. 

Thus, your preferred toll manufacturing company should have the resources to meet quantities based on an agreement and in cases of demand surge without compromising quality. Moreover, a reliable manufacturing partner should have contingency plans should there be any disruption in the production process. This will ensure that your operations will also run smoothly. 

  • Look At The Industries They Serve

Various toll manufacturers offer their services to different industries, such as steel, food, and chemicals. However, it’s good to note that some focus on one business sector. 

In doing your evaluations, first and foremost, you need to confirm if the third-party company caters to your industry. Otherwise, there is no point in working with them. 

Another reason you need to look at the industries they serve is that this will determine the kind of technology they have. Toll manufacturing companies that serve many industries might be at a disadvantage. How? With all the industries they need to cater to, they might find it challenging to invest financially in the latest technologies for all of them. This means they’ll most probably stick to the old way of doing things, which might not be efficient. Even if they periodically upgrade technology for each industry, what if yours is the least of their priorities? There is still that chance that they won’t be able to deliver as planned. 

On the other hand, if they’re only focused on one industry, they’ll have adequate resources and have the capacity to upgrade technology and infrastructure to improve manufacturing operations and meet their customers’ needs. 

Finally, the reason you need to consider the types of industries they serve is because of the possibility of contamination. If you’re into food processing and they also deal with cosmetic production, there’s a possibility of quality compromise. Although they might have measures in place to prevent this, what’ll happen when these measures fail? It means your goods will be tampered with, making them unsafe for human consumption. What would worsen the situation is if the toll manufacturer won’t disclose this information to you. You’d end up supplying low-quality goods to your clients, which could trigger them to opt for your competition.

To avoid all these what-ifs, select a toll processing company that’s solely focused on your industry.

  • Conduct An Ocular Inspection of the Physical Plant

What better way to vet a toll processing company than physically observing their operations.

Before settling on any one manufacturer, it would be recommended to do an ocular of their manufacturing facility. While you are there, take note of how they carry out their production, the safety and security standards in place, their quality control mechanisms, including their operating speed. Do you like what you see or not? Is there something they’re doing that you disagree with or violate your own beliefs and company policies? If you’re in this predicament, don’t settle; move on to the next one. Vet as many toll manufacturers as possible without forgetting your time is limited. 

By visiting physical plants, you’ll select a suitable manufacturer based on what you have observed rather than what they tell you, which might all be PR.


The best toll processing company for your business is one that’ll meet your needs in a timely, efficient manner with the highest quality.  To ensure you choose the right one for you, implement the tips given in this article, and you won’t go wrong. 

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