5 Tools To Unlock Your “Ideal Life” w/ “Traction” Author Gino Wickman

Gino Wickman’s name is synonymous with business growth, entrepreneurship, and freedom. He spent the majority of his youth building up his father’s company to later sell it for a substantial sum. After teaching others how to do the same, Gino took the time to write books that would pave the way for future entrepreneurial success. Books like Traction, Rocket Fuel, Get A Grip, and his newest book, The EOS Life

In it, Gino describes the five points of an ideal life: doing what you love, with people you love, making a huge difference, being compensated appropriately, and having time for other passions. Sounds like paradise doesn’t it? Well, if you’re an entrepreneur (or a want-to-be entrepreneur), this “ideal life” is perfectly within your grasp.

On today’s show, Gino walks through how any entrepreneur, nine-to-five worker, or business owner can hit all five of these points and live a truly fulfilling life. Gino mentions five separate tools that can help you along your journey to an ideal life, but the most important piece of this entire show is how you have to put up the risk to take away the reward.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Why Gino created EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) for business owners
  • Whether or not you have the six essential traits of an entrepreneur 
  • The five points of living an ideal life (and why they’re closer than you think)
  • Dropping your $25/hour tasks and starting to focus on $1,000+/hour tasks 
  • Understanding that reward does not come without sufficient risk 
  • Why time off from work can fuel better ideas and help you enjoy life more
  • And So Much More!

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