6 Major Reasons to Buy Double-Walled Glass Coffee Mugs

Most of us use a coffee mug or cup at least once a day, if not more. People use them to drink beverages like coffee, tea, and other hot drinks.

But what many people don’t know is that different types of mugs hold flavor and heat differently. Some cups are better made for hot drinks, while others are ideal for cold beverages. So, it might be difficult to decide which cup to get depending on your preferences.

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This is where double wall glass coffee mugs come on. They are perfectly fit for the average coffee enthusiast and have tons of benefits. Let’s look at a few of them down below.

Very Lightweight

Even though they have double walls, these glass mugs are significantly lighter than most mugs. While many ceramic mugs can weigh upto 350-400 grams, a glass coffee mug typically only weighs 200 grams, which is about half as much.

Higher Durability

While lightweight, they are still one of the most durable coffee cups out there. Their durability and long-term versatility make them very sought after, which is why they can be seen in any coffee shop you enter.

The glass cups are made with premium quality borosilicate material which is extremely tough and can handle high temperatures. Its double insulation design keeps your beverages hot for much longer.

More Design Options

Glass material is typically easier to shape than its ceramic alternative, meaning it has more design possibilities. Its transparent nature lets you monitor the level of the beverage in your cup and makes them more aesthetically pleasing.

While beauty and style are largely subjective, most people agree that the double-wall, transparent glasses make these mugs more attractive than other options, especially if you decide to multi-layer your drink.

Holds Heat Better

Double-walled glass mugs provide great thermal isolation, keeping your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. The double also prevents condensation outside the cup.

Due to the thermal qualities that double-walled glass mugs possess, a handle-less design is also possible. In fact, handle-less glass mugs are very common and popularly used in cafes and coffee shops. Unlike most single-walled cups, double-walled glass cups don’t get unbearably warm from the beverage inside.

Highly Recyclable

Another great advantage that glass mugs provide over most other coffee cups is that they ensure the least impact on the environment. It’s a big step up from the typical plastic mugs that are thrown without being used for long and only add to waste landfills.

The glass material of the cups is specifically designed with the intention of making them recyclable.

Safe and Easy to Care for

Double-walled glass mugs are made with high-quality, food-grade material with high standards, ensuring they’re safe to consume from and don’t have toxic elements. They can be easily washed in the dishwasher daily.

You can use them for almost any type of beverage and still maintain them without leaving behind the smell and taste of other drinks.

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