8 Tips for Making Your Hiring Process More Efficient—and Effective

8 Tips for Making Your Hiring Process More Efficient—and Effective

Captain Obvious Alert: Everyone’s looking for ways to ease their hiring process to cope with  the ongoing shortage of qualified employees, whether at the corporate or unit level.

Not so obvious, however, are efficient, cost-effective ways to do that. An article in CustomerThink, “8 Expert Tips to Make Your Hiring Processes More Efficient,” might provide that nugget or two to help franchisors and franchisees alike overcome at least some of their hiring issues in 2023. Here are some highlights. For the full article, click here.

While there’s nothing startling in it, the article offers a good, basic refresher course in creating or improving your hiring process and adapting it to today’s job seekers.

And as we all know, breaking a large problem into smaller, manageable steps is a proven method for solving it… most of the time, anyway. You can’t catch fish in an empty pond—or even a stocked one if you’re not using the right bait.

Okay, you get it! Here are those 8 tips:

  1. Deploy an applicant tracking system
  2. Build a strong brand
  3. Answer the FAQs asked by candidates
  4. Write clear job descriptions
  5. Embrace digital trends and social media
  6. Monitor your reviews
  7. Offer quality employee benefits
  8. Match the job to the candidate’s personality

In addition, the author, Chris Smith, founder and CPO of GoHire—whose website lists franchise clients Dunkin’, Wingstop, and Synergy HomeCare—also divides the recruiting process into seven steps in a handy little infographic, and provides practical advice, examples, definitions, statistics, and commentary on hiring in 2023.

Again, for the full article, click here.

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