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It takes a lot of knowledge to run a successful ecommerce business. When you make mistakes and experiment with your store, you’ll learn a lot. Additionally, it is important to learn from the successes of others. No matter what you do, there are some tools you can use to stay on top of relevant ecommerce trends. For example, you can read ecommerce blogs, listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos, join forums, or take an online course occasionally.

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To help you build a profitable ecommerce store, we’ve put together this list of 9 great ecommerce resources.

Practical Ecommerce Blog

There are four categories of Practical Ecommerce blog posts: marketing, conversion, management, and design & development. A number of articles can be found on their blog, including ’11 Animated Websites for Design Inspiration’ and ‘3 Ways to Acquire Customers through Social Media’.

The eCommerceFuel Podcast

Andrew Youderian hosts the eCommerce Fuel podcast, which aims to “build a community so that entrepreneurs are able to build deep relationships.” The podcast reviews eCommerce methodologies, community stories, and relevant industry news – with some irreverence.

You can listen to this Tadpull Insight to learn why the eCommerce Fuel podcast is perfect for entrepreneurs, store owners, and web newbies. You’ll hear actionable insights from a quality guest to help scale your eCommerce business.

If you’d like to listen to Jake & Lee Cook’s podcast – they discuss how they built a world-class team by sharing financials and what it’s like to run a company with open financials.

A Better Lemonade Stand Blog

Ecommerce entrepreneurs can find various products from business plans to store critiques on this e-commerce blog to help simplify their business. There is also evergreen content such as ‘The Complete Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization for First Year Stores,’ as well as articles focused on unique topics such as ‘7 Ways to Use Slack to Manage Your Online Business.’

Bootstrapping Ecommerce Blog

Shabbir Nooruddin, entrepreneur and creator of Bootstrapping Ecommerce, shares ecommerce tactics from his personal experience from running his own business. The ecommerce blog of his company includes articles like ‘Why You Should build links for your online store’ and ‘How to drive sales with quizzes’.

My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast

Podcasts such as My Wife Quit Her Job discuss how women entrepreneurs quit their jobs to develop successful online companies. Steve traces the precise strategies their success was built on by conducting a series of personal interviews.

While other business podcasts dwell on the surface, Steve digs deep and uncovers every last nuance. With more than a decade of experience running two seven figure businesses, he does not shy away from the tough questions.

WiziShop Blog

WiziShop blog differentiates itself from other e-commerce solutions, by offering much more than a simple e-commerce site creation service. Based on a performance-based business model, it sets up a real support service for companies so that they can manage their online store and develop their sales quickly and efficiently. To get started more easily, the 100% French solution leaves several choices of customizable templates available.

With WiziShop, there are no additional modules to install; nearly 400 features necessary for the development of an e-commerce site are already integrated into the solution. These features help businesses personalize their site, technically configure it, and give it visibility to potential customers.

Ecommerce Times blog

Ecommerce Times blog is about among the most popular. Case studies are often featured and they give away some stores as well. There are articles on their blog such as ‘Win an Ecommerce Business‘ and ’22 Top-Rated Shopify Apps for Fashion Stores’.

Get Elastic

There is still some useful content on the Get Elastic blog that ecommerce entrepreneurs can read, even though it hasn’t been updated recently. Digital Commerce, Social Media, Conversion Optimization, Search Marketing, and more are some of the topics they cover on their website. Articles such as ‘Five Rules for Content Marketers in 2016’ and ‘The Case for Extreme Personalization’ can be found in the ecommerce blog.

TechCrunch Blog

It would be unfair to ignore TechCrunch’s exceptional coverage of technology, trends, and gadgets, despite being more popular. They report on ecommerce news quite extensively, which you may not know! Check out their helpful resources for ecommerce marketing!


Among these 9 top ecommerce resources, you can find tremendous value with a little effort. The next time we talk, we’re going to discuss some other great resources that, with just a small investment, can make a world of difference to your business.

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