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Two years ago on this day, the stock market bottomed. And on that day, I turned 35 years old. It was easily the worst birthday of my life.

At the time, obviously, I had no inkling that the worst was behind us. All I knew was that the S&P 500 nosedived 34% in 23 days and I had no idea when the pain was going to end.

Two years later and the market is literally twice as high as it was back then. It’s still hard to believe how different the world looks today.

I just had the best birthday of my life. As a lifelong Knicks fan, there haven’t been too many highlights over the years. Last night was one of them. I’ve been going to The Garden with my father for thirty years. Unfortunately, we can count on one, maybe two hands the number of memorable games we’ve been to together.

Yesterday morning I emailed my MSG rep and told her I wanted to do something special to celebrate our birthdays. (My dad turned 69 on Sunday). I wanted to sit close to the court, which we’ve never done. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to sell my tickets, despite lowering the price three times, so I told her “don’t worry about it. I’ll just hang onto my seats. Thank you for trying.”

And then, as my dad and I were about to sit down, she texted me, “Have some special seats for you and your dad tonight, meet me outside your section.” So she took us downstairs and ushered us onto the court. When one of the security guards brought us to our seats, I got emotional. I almost started to cry. Thirty years. It’s a lot of memories. Not even of the Knicks, really. Just me and my dad. It was special.

I went to work today, and then helped coach a bunch of five-year-olds at flag football, and then went to the diner with my wife and boys. I’m incredibly blessed. And my good fortune is not lost on me. What I’m about to share is part of what made today so special.

If you’re reading this, you might be able to afford to do what I’m about to ask. I need you to help get money over to No Kid Hungry. I’ve been automating my giving to this special organization for a while now, and it would mean the world to help us facilitate a meaningful amount of money going their way. With the price of food going up, they need our help now more than ever.

Ben and I have been working with the team over at Audiograph over the last few months to make this a reality. We’re doing an NFT drop (3/30) to raise money for this special organization. At .1 ETH, you’re looking at ~$300. This NFT will get you access to our historical show notes, you can listen to one episode a month live, and you’ll get some other stuff as well. Please click here to learn more.

Even if you’ve never bought an NFT before and don’t have any ETH, don’t worry, you can buy one with a debit card. If you want to buy one but don’t know how, please reach out to us or Audiograph on Twitter.

These kids need us. If you can, please help them. Thank you.

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