Advice For Managing More Than One Office At The Same Time

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When giving business advice, it’s very easy to bring our focus down to the small plucky business hoping to compete in a relatively full market. That said, intermediately sized or large businesses will also have a range of challenges they have to meet and even totally achieve within in order to curate the best results.

For instance, expanding from one office to two can be a fantastic milestone for your company, showcasing your willingness to invest in growth, to provide more utility, add more business departments, and localize in a new given area, expanding your reach.

That said, managing two offices at the same time could be considered quite a difficult approach, just about doubling the logistical planning you have to get right. Of course, you stock the new office with managers and hires that are capable of adopting the format of your current management structure. But making sure that both offices come together and work with synergy is not a given, and failing to do this has led even professional companies and services to stagnate their output.

Let’s consider that, below:

Communication Security & Ease

It’s essential to make sure that your communication between departments is properly aligned. This is why using AV over IP technology can be so important, as can integrating apps that allow for team-wide instant communication such as Slack or Microsoft Teams. When you can remove the barriers of communication instead of having them filtered through upper management, you allow employees to leverage the power of remote conversations and teamwork as necessary. This not only bonds a team, it helps them become more effective at every level of their daily productive operation.

The Same Software Framework

It’s essential to make sure all staff is working using the exact same software suites so that uniform permissions can be applied, files are compatible with one another from office to office, and the delivery mechanics involved with digital storage are properly secured and cared for. Making sure your staff works amongst the same software framework may mean purchasing a company-wide email address at your domain such as [email protected], as well as making sure full software packages are installed as standard on all terminals, such as the Adobe Creative Suite.

A Regular Briefing

Of course, making sure that all staff is able to be briefed on their daily workflow as well as possible is key to keeping everyone on the same page. Regular morning update emails, weekly round-offs, and more can help your team always operate at the same level as the managers wish to carry the project. This will enable confusion to be stamped out immediately, miscommunication between departments to be identified properly, and statuses to be easily viewable by anyone who may need a quick update. This can also work for new members of the team, those returning from placement or vacation, and more.

With this advice, we’re sure you’ll manage more than one office at the same time, in the best possible manner.

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