Aleph IV. We are pleased to announce the closing… | by Michael A. Eisenberg: Six Kids And A Full Time Job | Aleph | Dec, 2021

Michael A. Eisenberg: Six Kids And A Full Time Job

We are pleased to announce the closing of Aleph IV, a $300 million fund that will do exactly the same thing as previous Aleph funds. We strive to partner at an early stage with ambitious Israeli entrepreneurs who want to build large, meaningful companies and impactful global brands from Israel. Well, maybe we will make one change: we are now open to remote companies, too, as long as we can add value with our network and platform and knowledge of Israel.

We are humbled and honored by the ongoing support of our Limited Partners, the entrepreneurs who have graciously partnered with us, and the Israeli technology ecosystem that enables and inspires us to do our job. Thank you for your faith in Aleph.

We are recommitting to continue working tirelessly on your behalf. With the mindset of true partners, we are devoted to accelerating startups to scaleups and working together to transform industries and the world. We aim to service the hell out of our entrepreneurs with Ampliphy, the Aleph Value Generator — to meet the greatest startup challenges like talent recruitment, business development and follow-on funding — at scale. Ampliphy leverages our people, network, software and resources to help our companies succeed on the global stage. And, as our founders know, we also place a special focus on helping with marketing, storytelling, branding and design.

Thank you to our outstanding team at Aleph, without whom none of this service to entrepreneurs and investors would be possible.

With gratitude,

Aaron, Eden, Michael, Tomer & Yael

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