Back Ground Guide – Other – 3 August 2021

BackGround Information


On this publish, we’ll discover ways to create a background picture on this software.

( on the finish of this publish, I put a number of images prepared)


Abstract of what we have to do:

1-Discover the dimensions of your chart in pixels (quite simple via this indicator)

2-Discover a picture you want on the web (the picture you need to see within the background).

3-Regulate the dimensions of that picture to suit your chart (when you have no idea, let me know so I could make it for you)

4-Change the picture format. (I’ll do that for you if you’d like)

5-Put the picture within the folder I say.




1-Discover the dimensions of your chart in pixels:

To ensure that the background picture to suit your chart, it is advisable to discover a picture that matches your chart measurement. So we have to perceive the dimensions of the chart first. Every chart on every monitor has a special measurement.

Within the settings, allow the “Present chart dimensions” choice to show the dimensions of your chart in pixels.

Then at the top left of the chart, the size of your chart can be seen.

This specification contains two numbers. Height and width

Remember these numbers to go to the next step.



2-Find a photo you like on the internet:

Now find the photo you want to put in the background. Note that it is better that the dimensions of the photo are larger than the dimensions of your chart. If less, the image quality will be reduced. But if it is more, it is better.

For example, I found this photo on the internet.

You can see its dimensions at the bottom. As you can see, it is larger than my chart. So the photo is good.

If finding a photo is hard for you, at the end of this post, I put a few photos ready.



3-Adjust the size of that photo to fit your chart:

Now you need to adjust the dimensions of the photo exactly to fit the dimensions of your chart.

To do this, open the Paint program.

To find this program, search its name in the search field of your computer.

Open the app.

Then click on the (file>open>find your image) option at the top left and select your photo

Then click on the resize option.

Then click on the pixel option as shown below. Uncheck the box below. Then write the size of your chart accurately.

Then click ok.


4-Change the photo format:

Now you need to change the image format.

Click File>Save as>BMP Picture

5-Put the photo in the folder I say.

Now you need to put the photo you created in the Meta Trader folder

Meta Trader> File> Open Data Folder

Then click MQL4 or MQL5

Then paste the photo in the image folder

Note that the name of the photo must be a number. From the numbers 1 to 9

Enter Meta Trader now. Run the tool. In the settings, select the name of your photo.

Let me know if you could not fix your photo or if there were any problems. Good luck

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