Barbados Murder Statistics January 2023 –

MAY 20 2023 UPDATE: The original murder map showed the 3 murders (for January) taking place in St. Michael. This was incorrect and the map has been updated (The Murder by Parish charts has also been corrected).

There have been at least 3 murders in Barbados for the month of January (2023). During the same month last year, there were no murders reported. January to December 2022 data and analysis can be found here. My analysis is based solely on media reports. The steps involved in the following analysis are similar to my 2020 analysis.

Barbados Murder Map - Jan 2023
Image 1 – Barbados Murder Map for January 2023
Barbados Murders Table, January 2023
Image 2 – Barbados Murders Table for January 2023

Note to Table 1: Data was obtained from reports in the Media and keyed into an Excel sheet for end of month analysis. However, the same data is also keyed into the online database at for immediate access.

Murders by Month Chart, January 2023
Chart 1 – Murders by Month, January 2023
Murders by Parish - Jan 2023
Chart 2 – Murders by Parish, January 2023
Barbados Murders, How Chart Jan 2023
Chart 3 – How, January 2023
Barbados Murders Age Group Chart, January 2023
Chart 4 – Murders by Age Group, January 2023

Notes to Chart 4: The average age of all victims was 39 years old. The youngest victim was 30 years old, while the eldest victim was 44.

Barbados Murders by Gender, January 2023
Chart 5 – Murders by Gender, January 2023
Barbados Murders by WW / WE, January 2023
Chart 6 – Murders by Workweek/Weekend, January 2023

Note to Chart 6: I define the workweek as running from Monday to Thursday, and the weekend as running from Friday to Sunday.

Barbados Murders, Day of The Week, January 2023
Chart 7 – Murders by Day of the Week, January 2023

Note to Chart 7: 2 (or 67%) of the 3 murders happened on a Friday.

Barbados Murders, by timeslot, January 2023
Chart 8 – Murders by Time Slot, January 2023

Note to Chart 8: The time reported in The Media of the incident is what I use to assign murders to one of four time slots. However, it is important to note that in some cases, this may not be when the victim was attacked (or their time of death). That being said, 2 of the 3 murders (67%) took place between 4 PM and 8 PM. is the personal blog of Amit Uttamchandani. The information presented here does not represent official crime or murder statistics, nor do they represent the views, beliefs, opinions, et cetera, of Amit’s employers or associates (past or present).

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