Benefits of Building a Custom App for Your Small Business

Streamlining communication

Another aspect you can factor into a custom app for your business is communication. This could be between colleagues, or it could be with customers. Regardless, by using the app as a portal for communications, you can make it leaner and less fragmented.

Furthermore, it lets you control how communications take place. Rather than having to field questions from customers via a range of platforms, you can push them all down the same path; preferably a path which you have the resources to helm optimally.

You might use the app to let customers open support tickets and send messages to team members directly, improving satisfaction levels. You might link it to an SMS service so that staff can receive updates while out and about. You could even include a live chat function for real-time responses to queries.

Providing platform-specific functions

Apps which are built to run natively on a given software ecosystem or device type are often more consistent and user-friendly than their alternatives.

For example, having an app that is available for smartphones and which is designed to work with the input and screen size limitations of these handsets is sensible. The alternative is relying on a web app that has to cater to the lowest common denominator in terms of hardware, browser compatibility and system resource usage.

Platform-specific apps can also leverage particular hardware components, such as built-in cameras, to offer creative features to boot.

Turning heads

Last of all, you should not underestimate the power of a custom app when it comes to impressing people. And this is really only something that small businesses can hope to be a head-turning asset.

Even with all of the changes that have taken place over the past decade, most people will be surprised and dazzled by a small but ambitious organization that has a bespoke app available. This of course applies to customers, but can also be relevant when thinking about attracting top talent to join your workforce.

Concluding thoughts

By this point, you likely recognize the value of building a custom app for your small business, but there are some other things to bear in mind.

First, the challenge of creating an app has to be dealt with. If you do not have the ability to do this in-house, then you will need to outsource the design and development to a third party, which has to be factored into your budget.

Next, there’s the need to keep your app up to date and bug-free over time. Even all the testing in the world will not iron out every possible permutation of problems post-launch, so the maintenance of an app is worth weighing up.

Finally, there’s the issue of security and compliance. If your app handles financial transactions, processes private customer data, or does anything else that could have implications from a cybercrime perspective, it has to be made to be resilient to any threats that exist, and to adhere to industry regulations.

If you still feel that a bespoke app will empower your small business, then there has never been a better time to get started.

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