Best Live Roulette Strategies To Utilize

Roulette has been one of the most popular casino games to play in the world, with many bettors having played the game in a traditional establishment or enjoying one of the many variants that are available online.

The game managed to become extremely popular due to the fact that it is highly unpredictable, which then helps to provide players and even those who watch games that are being played with a mixture of emotions, including excitement, anticipation and nervousness. Indeed, the classic table game can take a person on a roller-coaster of experiences.

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Regardless of a player’s preference, though, the game is relatively similar in regard to the way that it is played, with punters continuing to adopt a range of different betting strategies in order to help them try and achieve the win that they desire. It could be argued that playing online roulette may not necessarily see strategies be fruitful due to the random number generators (RNGs) used, although that has not stopped live dealer roulette variants from becoming as popular as they are.

What variants of roulette exist?

Before starting a roulette gaming experience, it is wise to know and understand the differences between the variants that can be found when starting out a session. Typically, there are three different types of roulette to consider, although there are many different titles that will allow for different features to be accessed. The common variants are:

  • American roulette: this is where there are 36 numbers, as well as a single and double zero pocket.
  • European roulette: a total of 36 numbers are available, as well as a single zero.
  • French roulette: this variant is similar to European roulette in regard to the numbers available, however more side bets are available to make.

Those who wish to acquire an advantage should be looking at playing either the European or French roulette variants, as they will have a lower house edge to compete against due to the absence of the double zero pocket.

What are the similarities and differences between live roulette and online roulette?

There are a number of similarities and differences that can be experienced depending on the type of game that is played, with many online casino platforms allowing for both to be played, thus giving the bettor total control over what they may want to enjoy.

Live roulette will provide players seeking the most immersive experience possible with an authentic gameplay session as they will feel that they are in a physical casino when they play. Indeed, this variant will allow players to interact with the dealer whilst also being provided with enhanced visuals.

It could also be argued that the gameplay experience is enhanced when playing live, although this could also be considered a drawback for some as they may find it distracting and something that makes it hard to concentrate on what they wish to do.

One of the biggest differences between the two is that the classic online version can allow bettors to play for free, which would be ideal for those who are still learning the ropes or wish to learn a little more about the way in which the game is played before wagering with real money.

The biggest similarity between the two types of roulette games, though, is the fact that punters will know exactly what to expect and will still receive the same kind of gameplay experience.

What are the best live roulette strategies to use?

A host of players will look to adopt a range of different betting strategies when they play roulette, with each of these having been determined by mathematical calculations.

There are three main roulette strategies that bettors will typically adopt, with each of them having emerged extremely popular over the years. These are:

Martingale System:

This system will require players to place even-money bets such as red/black in order to achieve a win. Those that have an unsuccessful bet will then be required to double the bet on the next wager in the hope of recouping the losses that occurred previously. Of course, roulette is a game that is based on luck, so this can become rather expensive rather quickly.

Fibonacci System:

This system will see a number sequence be applied to each bet that is placed on the roulette wheel, with players adding the value of the previous two bets together in order to place their next one. Here, bettors will slowly increase their bet compared to the Martingale System, thus potentially allowing them to stay at the table longer and play with less monetary risk.

Paroli System:

The Paroli system has been known as the ‘Reverse Martingale’ strategy at times, and this is because players will look to double the size of their bet once they have achieved a winner on the previous spin made. Therefore, they are essentially wagering with the casino’s money and not their own. With each win that is made, the bet is doubled, although each loss will see bettors return to the lowest possible bet that they wish to place.

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