Blocksport is launching its hot token today. What about RDR?

Blocksport is launching its hot token today. What about RDR?

Blocksport is launching its hot token today. What about RDR?

BSPT token is in the spotlight. The company is starting its ICO on December 27, 2021. The token is trading for $0.050000 during the initial coin offering. Users can buy it on BSCstation. Founded in 2019, this platform is an innovative SportsTech. It provides top Esports teams, as well as traditional sports clubs, with their own fan engagement mobile app.


Supported by partners and a professional network of sports experts, the company plans to launch an NFT platform. It aims to bring clubs, sponsors, and fans closer together. This state-of-the-art NFT platform will offer users features like NFT and fan token issuance, along with NFT mining, auction, and bidding. The team wants to build a sports ecology for Sports enthusiasts. The platform will integrate sports NFTs, games, and fan community management.


Blocksport has already reached cooperation with more than 40 clubs and celebrities, including Virtus pro, Team Singularity, Penta Sports, Metalist FC, CF Talavera from Spain, Dynamo Kyiv (plays Champions League), Sinners Esport, Red Star Rugby club, African Cycling UCI team, ARIS BC from Greece and many more. Besides, the company has built an exciting ecosystem for sports and Esports enthusiasts. It also has a service platform specifically for the vertical field of the sports industry in an encrypted world.


The team created a native utility token BSPT for the Blocksport platform. This NFT platform is the basis for transactions and interaction. Token holders will be able to use BSPT to purchase NFT assets and fan tokens, as well as participate in the functions and services of the platform.


How does Blocksport’s platform work? 

Blocksport has built its NFT platform on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It boasts core functions such as fan token issuance/auction, sports NFT asset issuance/auction/bidding, and NFT mining. The company is dedicated to building an ecosystem that will unite sports fans with the players and their sponsors.


The team created diverse use cases. It is developing the Blocksport NFT platform in three models: Fan Token issuance, (e)Sports NFT collectibles, and Staking. Blocksport will also launch the unique NFTs of sports assets, including Memorabilia, Collectible Cards, Video, Merchandise, Picture, Skins. All items that fans can permanently collect.


Furthermore, the company cooperates with world-renowned clubs to issue fan tokens for them. Users holding fan tokens will be able to participate and influence a club-related important decision. The NFT platform integrates BSPT, along with star card NFT and fan tokens, into Defi games. As a result, it enhances fans’ interaction through the Play-and-Earn mode.


According to the team, Blocksport plans to create a total of 1,000,000,000 BSPT tokens. It will use buyback Net fees collected by the platform to buy back BSPT on the open market. Afterward, the team will transfer the BSPT bought back to the Treasury and stake the reward pool. The token holders will be able to participate in different pools by obtaining Blocksport NFTs and staking their BSPT. In return, they will get BSPT as a staking reward.


There is also a Treasury – a BSPT reserve pool governed by the community. Its purpose is to develop and promote the development of the platform’s ecosystem. All BSPT tokens bought back on the open market will go to the Treasury. BSPT is not an investment token. Users can obtain it by purchasing or actively participating in the platform.

The Rise of Defenders' ICO starts today, as wellThe Rise of Defenders’ ICO starts today, as well

Rise of Defenders is launching its native token on December 27, 2021. The sale will end on December 28, 2021. 4,166,700 RDR are available for purchase during the initial coin offering for the price of $0.036000 per token. Users can buy them on the Gamestarter platform. The team aims to raise $150,000 with the sale.


The rapid growth of the global game industry has created many opportunities for companies that produce and provide these services. Furthermore, the trend of blockchain applications in games has changed significantly. The Play to Earn trend has already become a top choice for players around the world.


Apero created the Rise of Defenders game after considering the strength of game production. It aims to offer players an excellent game experience, along with an effective way to earn money. The team believes that Rise of Defenders will become the first choice in the world’s NFT games.


What does this game offer? 

According to the company, Rise of Defenders is much like the Tower Defense game, but it also has RPG elements. The team has gotten inspiration from the popular JRPG game titles, like Final Fantasy, Tactic Ogre, Fire Emblem, and AFK Arena, etc. The users will organize the formation and upgrade heroes. After that, they will be able to prevent the destruction of the base by monsters.


Moreover, each hero in the game will have its own unique skills that make defense and fighting easier. Users will fight the machine through the Campaign mode. In the process, they will be able to compete with other players around the world in two different modes: Arena and Tournament. Both are very competitive and fascinating, and these modes will give the players the opportunity to demonstrate their tactical skills.


Joining the world of Rise of Defender will also allow gamers to collect NFT items such as heroes, reinforced items, and mythical equipment through various game modes in the gameplay. Most importantly, players will experience exciting games and a spectacular world. The platform will reward all efforts of users with fame as well as valuable items that no game can get.


The Galaxy War’s hot token is already available 

Galaxy War is an exciting game. According to its plot, numerous dangers and challenges lurk in space. However, it offers unbelievable treasures and boundless power, as well. The players will find a small colony on an uninhabited planet. But they will have to harness the resources of their new home together. They will use their own tactical genius, research new technologies, and construct a powerful fleet to carry their authority out into the stars.


However, if users want to experience this world fully, they will need GWT tokens. The company launched its ICO sale today, but it will end tomorrow. It is trading 6,666,667 GWT tokens, and the price is $0.030000 per coin. The team wants to raise $200,000 with the sale.

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