Cicis Unlocks More Growth with Game-Changing Innovation

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Cicis Unlocks More Growth with Game-Changing Innovation

Cicis Pizza continues to step up its game to drive the sustained success of its franchise partners.

As the nation’s original all-you-can-eat pizza buffet, innovation is in Cicis’ DNA, and the beloved Texas-based brand remains at the forefront of enhancing revenue streams through innovative strategies. Here’s a look at three ways Cicis is taking its commitment to constant improvement to new heights, resulting in happy franchisees and loyal guests who want to keep coming back.

Limited time offers (LTOs)

With more than 280 restaurants across 23 states, Cicis strives to surprise and delight its customers through an expanded menu and new food innovation. Recent sales-boosting LTOs include:

  • Piezilla™: A 64-slice Piezilla pizza. Born from a pizza challenge by one of Cicis’ Texas franchisees, the gargantuan 28-inch pizza is made with four pounds of dough. It can feed 15 people, making the LTO an affordable, convenient, one-stop option for hosting bigger parties or events.
  • $4.99 Adult Buffet:  Restaurant goers are always looking for value, and Cicis delivers with the unbeatable $4.99 adult buffet deal. The LTO allows adults to indulge in endless pizza, pasta, salad, and desserts every Monday and Tuesday for only $4.99.
  • Mike’s Hot Honey LTO:  Cicis teamed up with America’s leading brand of hot honey to spice things up with the new Mike’s Hot Honey Pepperoni Pizza and Mike’s Hot Honey Wings, drizzled with the brand’s signature chili pepper-infused honey.

A New Look and Brand Campaign 

An updated restaurant design and robust digital marketing strategy continues to boost name recognition and build future-forward momentum.

The initial cost to invest in the new Cicis Buffet Restaurant prototype starts at $800,000, a $300,000 reeducation in buildout costs. Franchisees are also reaping the rewards of the Endless Pizzabilities™ brand campaign and the introduction of its fictional and whimsical spokesperson, C.C. Pazzini. The moves are maximizing brand visibility and customer engagement to increase foot traffic and revenue on the local level.

New and Improved Game Rooms

Cicis franchisees are embracing the addition of a game room to their restaurants as a key revenue driver. Three different game room options, ranging from 600 to 1,000-plus square feet, allow franchisees to tap into the entertainment element to attract a wider customer base, including families seeking a fun-filled dining experience. It’s a one-two competitive punch for repeat business and strong ROI as a business within a business.

A Shared Vision for Success 

Cicis Pizza believes in the power of collective growth for a competitive edge in the ever-evolving landscape of the pizza industry, and it shows. The brand’s commitment to fostering a collaborative environment, where knowledge sharing and empowering best practices are valued, has contributed to a flourishing franchise system poised for further expansion.

“At Cicis, we recognize that true success lies in the power of collaboration and collective growth,” said Jeff Hetsel, President and COO of Cicis. “Our commitment to knowledge sharing and embracing best practices has paved the way for a franchise system that is ready to embark on an exciting journey of further expansion and innovation.” 

The Cicis of the future is here. The brand is targeting growth across the country and seeks to expand with financially qualified, experienced, and dedicated operators. Start your journey to Endless Pizzabilities today. Visit

Cicis is an iconic, modernized restaurant that pushes the limits of the regular family dining experience. With unlimited opportunities for revenue, multiple restaurant designs and off premise-options, Cicis is constantly evolving with the industry. Learn More

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