Consider the Benefits of Aging in Place

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After the active retirement years start to wane, life for seniors will take on a different complexion. Living assistance may be necessary. There is a concept called “aging in place” that you should understand when you are looking ahead toward the future.

Modification of Living Spaces

It can be difficult to accept the limitations that elders face, but it is simply part of life. If you recognize the inevitability and embrace it, you can use aging in place concepts to maximize your comfort.

From an interior design perspective, there are various modifications that can be made to facilitate aging in place. There is no one universal approach because people have different limitations. Your spaces can be custom crafted to suit your specific needs.

Obviously, the initial design will be based on the way you feel when the modifications are being made. It can also anticipate future needs. Designers use techniques that allow for the integration of ongoing adjustments to adapt to changing circumstances, so this is a fluid approach.

You may be surprised when you see all the different ways that relatively simple but intelligent upgrades can make your life a whole lot easier.

Hands-On Assistance

Aging in place is best accomplished with total family cooperation. If you are going to be receiving help from your children, you should get together and have some honest discussions.

In some cases, friends and extended relatives will be willing to lend a hand as well. You should open up about the areas where you need help. This allows everyone involved to evaluate their ability to pitch in.

Of course, there are in-home health aides that can be engaged as well as professional assistance, if needed at some point. You can expect to pay somewhere in the vicinity of $60,000 a year for a full-time home health aide, so these expenses are significant.

Unfortunately, Medicare will not pay for this type of care. In addition, the program does not cover a stay in an assisted living community or a nursing home.

Medicaid Waiver

Medicaid is another government health insurance program that will pay for custodial care for seniors. It is a need-based program, so you cannot qualify if you have more than $2000 in countable assets.

As elder law attorneys, we have a thorough understanding of all the rules and regulations. We help people position their assets with future Medicaid eligibility in mind. It is possible to live comfortably, preserve your wealth, and be eligible for Medicaid if and when you need it.

Aside from the traditional Medicaid coverage, there is a Home and Community-Based Services Waiver program in Oklahoma. It will pay for in-home care of you can gain eligibility.

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Need Help Now?

If you have already learned enough to know that it is time to work with an Oklahoma City elder care and estate planning attorney, we are here to help. We can gain an understanding of your situation and your legacy goals and create a custom crafted plan that is ideal for you and your family.

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