Corvee launches TAS Scale program for tax practitioners to transition from compliance to advisory

Corvee, a tax and accounting software firm, has launched TAS Scale, a new program to help tax practitioners shift from a largely compliance-driven business to one that centers on advisory services.

TAS Scale includes both tools and coaching from a dedicated “client success manager” who will provide guidance on all aspects of the firm including marketing, sales, strategy and operations.

Specifically, the program will offer:

  • Pricing optimization based on client value;
  • Marketing strategies on how to drive appointments through newsletters, social media, advertising and more;
  • Tools to help retain tax advisory staff;
  • One-on-one coaching sessions;
  • Client tax scenario analysis software;
  • Resources such as videos, templates and presentations;
  • Support from other tax professionals in the program; and,
  • Access to workshops and live events on tax advisory services.

Andrew Argue

“We understand the importance of being able to engage your clients with tax advisory services to help them save money on taxes,” said CEO and co-founder Andrew Argue in a statement. “With TAS Scale, clients in our program work with a dedicated client success manager to optimize all aspects of their firm strategy. As a result, those participating have experienced faster growth than industry averages.”

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