Costa Rica’s Mora region offers the best of both worlds

All the amenities of the country’s Central Valley seamlessly intertwine with the relaxing aura of an authentically rural area in one of the safest places in San José

Most talk about Costa Rica’s Central Valley tends to dwell on the traditional urban areas of Heredia, Santa Ana and Escazú. Their effervescent real estate and commercial development during the last two decades have made them natural hotspots for anyone looking to live near comfort and opportunities, or invest in a rapidly growing area. Many excellent properties are still offered in these areas, but more and more people are consistently beginning to expand to other areas, searching for options  that maintain a comparable access to all amenities in a much quieter environment. 

In recent years, one of the trendiest destinations has been Ciudad Colón, a borough southwest of Santa Ana that’s considered by many as the last extension of widespread development in Costa Rica’s Central Valley. Existing in a transitional ground that leads into some of the last authentically rural areas of San José, Ciudad Colón and the Mora cantón stand out for their geographical and natural richness, and growing touristic development. 

Despite experiencing a constant expansion of residential areas, Ciudad Colón and the whole Mora cantón haven’t seen the effects of urban decay due to a balanced and sustainable approach to growth. To this day, the region maintains itself as one of the safest in the country, due to its extremely low level of crime incidence.

Concurrently, Ciudad Colón also boasts a surprisingly vast educational network that includes schools like Liceo de Colón de Mora, Escuela San Bosco, and Colegio Técnico profesional de Mora, as well as higher education institutions like the United Nations’ Universidad para la Paz, and a franchise of INA, or the National Learning Institute. The result of such an offer of educational opportunities, added to the locally renowned safety of the region, means that the area tends to be at the top of the Human Development Index listings in Costa Rica. 

Due to its proximity to San José and other big urban conglomerates, Ciudad Colón has seen a growing interest as a short getaway destination, particularly for those interested in rural tourism and ecology. Within the district is the Quitirrisí indigenous territory, one of the most accessible in the Central Valley, and its mountain range offers a wide array of trekking and mountain biking possibilities. In addition to such natural wonders, the region has also come under the spotlight for Anfiteatro de Villa, a newly built cultural center next to the Virilla river canyon. Its beautiful garden statues and busy concert agenda has made it a great option for those who want a calming Sunday afternoon without leaving San José. 

The calming atmosphere and laid-back lifestyle of Costa Rica’s rural area intertwines with all the comforts and extras of the country’s urban development in Ciudad Colón. The opportunity to experience the best of both worlds is right there for you to take. 

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