Delta Variant is the Cover Story for the 2022 Election Steal – Investment Watch

By Chris Black

Did you see this?

DOJ may sue states for returning to pre-COVID voting laws

Let me start right this moment’s article with a little bit little bit of historical past for context:

Again through the “Spanish Flu” there have been two separate experiments with wholesome younger volunteers, 500 every, in Boston and San Francisco.

Swabs have been taken from hospitalized affected person’s lungs and sinuses, after which administered to the volunteers. 

Zero volunteers ever received sick. ZERO.

It astounded the researchers a lot that they repeated the experiment. After the repeated experiment, there have been nonetheless zero volunteers who received sick.

The researchers determined that that they had utterly misunderstood the vector of transmission and one thing else will need to have been inflicting the unfold of the sickness.

These within the know really do perceive what happened, that a tainted meningitis vaccine was given to troopers, who then grew to become illness vectors as they shed energetic pathogen.

The VAERS system within the USA is already over 18,000 lifeless from the pictures, over 5 million opposed reactions, and some hundred thousand hospitalizations. 

There have additionally been a confirmed 1600+ miscarriages from the vaxxes. 

I don’t know why any pregnant mom would ever get the kill jab, however they’re getting very unhealthy data that the jab is protected. 

Any healthcare employee vaccinating a pregnant girl is responsible of homicide for killing the newborn. The employees are imagined to learn and know the potential risks of what they’re prescribing. 

Herd immunity really occurs as soon as 30-35% of individuals in an space get an an infection. As soon as that occurs, the speed of an infection plummets as a result of there aren’t sufficient folks round who’re susceptible for one contaminated particular person to unfold the pathogen.

The 85% is pure BS put out by our lords and masters.

So why are they pushing all this covid stuff advert nauseam? Why are they attempting to drive folks to get the vaxx? Why are they pushing for an additional lockdown this fall?

Right here’s my principle:

Politicians, democrats specifically, by no means do something except it furthers their objectives of growing wealth, energy, and dominion over their fellow man. 

I’ll let you know what’s coming.

The Delta variant doesn’t exist. It has been created as concern propaganda to drive folks into getting vaccinated. As we’ve got seen, the “Delta surge” is being blamed on Trump supporters who refuse to get jabbed and don’t consider in science. It doesn’t matter if this isn’t true, the media will make folks consider it.

The interior polling for Biden is abysmal. 

Going into 2022, if one thing drastic isn’t finished, there shall be hardly a single democrat who will get elected. Delta is the duvet for the 2022 steal, similar to Covid was cowl for 2020. 

Very quickly you’ll begin seeing tales of Delta breakouts in faculties because of “unvaccinated youngsters”. The instructor’s unions will demand that each one faculties be closed once more. This could occur on the finish of September. 

On the finish of October, the jabs shall be authorised by the FDA for everybody above 2 years of age. The deaths, disfigurements, and extreme reactions don’t matter. Everybody on the FDA is being purchased off. 

There could also be a whistle-blower or two that come ahead and leak the true knowledge of how many individuals have been killed and completely disabled by the supposed vaccines, however they’ll be instantly censored by the media and deplatformed. 

The CDC will problem mandates for the colleges to comply with, saying in particular person studying will solely be allowed with 100% vaccinations starting in January. Your child will both be jabbed or not allowed to go to high school.

Throughout this time the brand new Covid assessments (Invoice Gates and Soros lately purchased take a look at manufacturing services within the UK) shall be getting out to all the labs. 

The administration doesn’t need a repeat of final yr the place the flu disappeared. It was nice to stoke Covid concern, however they’ll’t have Covid vaccinated folks testing optimistic for Covid after they get the flu, particularly when the vaccine targets are met.

The flu and pneumonia circumstances giving false positives for Covid together with breakthroughs within the vaccinated are nice for blaming the unvaccinated, however this will solely go on so lengthy.

Biden additionally wants a win.

 One yr after being inaugurated, and almost 100% of children jabbed, Biden will declare victory over Covid. With the brand new assessments not mistaking the whole lot for Covid, circumstances and deaths will plummet to zero. 

Biden shall be pushed as a hero, the person who beat Covid, proper when the primaries and 2022 campaigns kick into excessive gear.

Then you possibly can count on document flu circumstances to be identified with the brand new take a look at. Why? Oh you didn’t be taught something from Covid did you?

 Moderna and Pfizer have mRNA Flu vaxxes able to go. 

We’ll play Covid another time and mandate that folks get the brand new gene altering flu jab. It will likely be stated that we have to eradicate the flu like we eradicated Covid.

This would be the kill shot. 

Your compromised immune system will flip your physique to goo when the mRNA flu vaccine clashes with the mRNA Covid shot. 

The FEMA camps and billions of rounds of ammunition will lastly come into play. You neglect, however Hillary was imagined to be president for Covid. 

The assessments, vaccines, and the whole lot else have been patented and deliberate in 2014. 

The concept was that the 2020 election was going to be cancelled due to the raging virus, placing Hillary in cost indefinitely. The Structure was going to be suspended.

 Then you definitely kill off 90% of the folks and snort. 

We made it, we faked it, they died.

Sounds loopy, I do know. I hope I’m improper.

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