Don Surber — How to win on student loans… – Investment Watch

Conservatives received’t talk about the scholar mortgage debacle. Why not? Democrats created the mess. By no means let a Democrat mess go to waste.

Outstanding student loan debt is at $1.6 trillion, which was once some huge cash till the Federal Reserve determined that the inventory market have to be saved in any respect or any price. These are signature loans from younger individuals who haven’t any collateral. No sane particular person would make such loans. Naturally, the federal authorities inspired it.

The federal authorities inspired it as a result of schools are nice lobbyists. They’ve alumni roaming the halls of Congress. They’ll provide instructing jobs. They’ll publish your books.

Democrats and RINOs love schools.

Schools in the meantime are little bureaucratic beehives.

Harvard at 385 years is the oldest faculty in America. It has 13,000 employees in 10 unions.

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