Every Mystery Celebrity Relative Reveal


  • Claim to Fame season 3 features 11 mystery celebrity relatives competing for $100,000.
  • Bianca was the first guesser, but she was eliminated when she incorrectly guessed that Shane was related to Forest Whitaker.
  • Bianca was revealed to be journalist and broadcaster Robin Roberts’ niece.

Claim to Fame season 3 has 11 mystery celebrity relative contestants competing for the $100,000 grand prize, and there have been some incredible reveals so far. Hosted by Kevin and Franklin Jonas, Claim to Fame seasons 1 and 2 had some very exciting competitors. They included relatives of actors, singers, athletes, and politicians.

Claim to Fame season 1 featured winner Loreal Chanel Palmer, known as L.C. on the show, who was revealed to be Keke Palmer’s sister, and runner-up Logan Crosby, who’s Jason Aldean’s cousin. Claim to Fame season 2 starred winner Gabriel Cannon, Nick Cannon’s brother, and runner-up Jerrica Monay Brooks, who was known as Monay on the show, who was J.B. Smoove’s daughter. Claim to Fame season 3 also has had some shocking reveals.


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Bianca Is Robin Roberts’ Niece

Bianca Was Chosen To Be The First Guesser

During Claim to Fame season 3 episode 1, Bianca was revealed to be Bianca Roberts, the niece of Peabody Award-winning journalist and broadcaster, Robin Roberts. During the Claim to Fame season 3 Two Truths and a Lie game, Bianca revealed that her celebrity relative had won a Peabody Award. Her fellow contestants didn’t know what a Peabody Award was. The award is given for excellence in broadcasting. In a Claim to Fame Instagram post, her other two statements were that her relative was her aunt and an actress. The actress part was the lie.

After the Claim to Fame season 3 talent show, in which Bianca danced with a gymnastics ribbon and painted a picture, she and her fellow contestant Miguel placed last, while Gracie Lou won. This meant that either Bianca or Miguel would be the guesser. Bianca thought that she had enough votes to avoid becoming the guesser, but Miguel worked hard to convince his fellow competitors to vote for her instead of him. When Bianca was chosen, she incorrectly guessed that Shane was related to Forest Whitaker, so she was eliminated.

When Robin was revealed to Bianca’s celebrity relative, Bianca explained that she’s her youngest auntie. She said that she loves her and she’s amazing. Bianca added that Robin has fought through so many trials and tribulations, and she’s out there still fighting. Bianca admitted that she never in a million years imagined that she’d be the first one out of the competition, but she thought that her aunt Robin would be super proud of her.


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Who’s Still Competing On Claim To Fame Season 3?

There Are 10 Celebrity Relatives Left In The Competition

There are ten contestants left in Claim to Fame season 3. They include Adam, Danny, Dedrick, Gracie Lou, Hud, Jill, Mackenzie, Miguel, Naomi, and Shane. It’ll be very exciting to see which celebrity relative is revealed next, either through a correct or incorrect guess.

Claim to Fame season 3 already has a major twist because the Clue Wall isn’t constantly available to the contestants. In episode 1, it was locked, and the competitors could only view it after Franklin unlocked it. It’s going to be thrilling to see what else Claim to Fame season 3 has in store for its contestants viewers. It’s already shaping up to be the best season yet.

Claim to Fame

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Claim To Fame

Claim to Fame is a reality television competition series that brings together lesser-known celebrity relatives. These contestants must live together and compete in challenges, while keeping their identities and celebrity family members a secret. Hosted by brothers Kevin and Frankie Jonas, the show awards $100,000 to the last contestant standing.

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