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Flexible v Fixed Infrastructure

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Versatile v Mounted Infrastructure


Versatile infrastructure is just not solely an alternative choice to fastened infrastructure, it may overtake it

It’d seem to be a flight of fancy to some, or too far sooner or later to assume severely about, however actually, the roboticisation of warehouses is occurring so quick that the overwhelming majority of main warehouses will virtually actually combine robots inside 5 years. On this white paper, we are going to look extra carefully at three factors of debate: (1) the competitors that stands in the best way of robots – specifically, fastened infrastructure reminiscent of conveyors and automatic storage and retrieval techniques; (2) robots characterize the versatile infrastructure mannequin, which provides the chance to ascertain a warehouse with out a lot if something inside it, apart from laptop networking; and (3) which one will win out ultimately? Or will they each coexist? We’ll know the solutions inside 5 years.

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