From Brat Pack to Billionaire: Uncovering the Astonishing Net Worth of Jami Gertz

Jami Gertz Net Worth

American Jami Gertz is a successful actress and entrepreneur. She is best known for her film appearances in the 1980s and for being one of the richest women in America. So fans want to know what exactly is Jami Gertz’s net worth?

Who Is Jami Gertz?

Jami Beth Gertz was born on October 28, 1965, in Chicago, Illinois to mother Sharyn Gertz and father Walter Gertz. She grew up in the nearby Glenview suburb with her parents and her two brothers, Scott and Michael. She graduated from Maine East High School and attended NYU to earn her degree in Theater Arts.

Gertz started her acting career in the early 80s, appearing in TV commercials before landing her first on-screen TV role in the 1981 film On the Right Track. Notable TV appearances include recurring roles on Diff’rent Strokes, The Facts of Life, Family Ties, and Keeping Up with the Steins. She also had a string of notable movie roles, including in The Lost Boys, Twister, Little Shop of Horrors, and Sixteen Candles.

After a hiatus to work as a scent designer for perfume company Lanvin in France, she resumed her acting career in the late 80s and 90s. Gertz had a recurring roles in various television programs, including The Neighbors, Seinfeld, Still Standing, E.R., Entourage, Modern Family, and Ally McBeal. She also starred alongside Britney Spears in Crossroads.

Jami married Tony Ressler in 1989 and they have three children together. In 1990, Ressler co-founded private equity firm Apollo Global Management, which has an estimated $300 billion in assets under management. In 1997, he founded Ares Management, which has over $136 billion in assets under management. Together, they are part-owners of the Atlanta Hawks NBA team and own a minority stake in the Milwaukee Brewers.

Jami Gertz is also a successful businesswoman. She owns a media investment company called Southport Lane and is the founder and owner of consulting firm JG&A, LLC. She was a co-founder of home goods retailer Henry Rose and advises high-profile tech companies, including Zinc Health and Women@Work Ventures.

Jami Gertz Net Worth And Assets

As of March 2023, Jami Gertz’s net worth is estimated at $3 billion. She earns an estimated $250 million per year with a $20+ million monthly income. Much of her wealth comes from acting, but a considerable portion comes from her business endeavors. It is estimated that her and her husband’s ownership in Ares Management alone is around 33% of Ares’s equity.

Jami and her family have two primary homes. Tax records show their house in Beverly Hills is worth a minimum of $30 million, but might fetch closer to $50 million on the open market. Their Malibu home is in Broad Beach, but its value has not been disclosed.

Future Effects On Net Worth

Jami’s businesses appear to be doing well and her investments have continued to provide attractive returns to continue growing her considerable net worth. It remains to be seen whether she will continue her illustrious acting career or whether she will turn her focus to other business opportunities.

What do you think Jami Gertz’s net worth will be in 2025? Let us know in the comments below!

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