Gaining More Followers For Your Business Social Media Channels

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One of the most important things to get right in marketing is to measure and deliver on your predicted reach. After all, it’s comparatively easy to spend time designing a worthwhile marketing campaign that makes sense, in relative terms, but the deployment of such material can render the effort useless if you fail to gain any worthwhile response.

Understanding that is instrumental in helping you more realistically design your outreach plan. Sometimes, however, it’s worth working on the basics. Not only are marketing campaigns judged by how many people complete your sales funnel in turn, but it can also be quantified in terms of how much targeted organic traffic you gain for your website, and of course, how many followers you may gain on social media.

Just one follower on a social media platform is able to share your content to all of their friends should it be good enough, and from then on the movement spreads. You might be surprised as to how virality can work in these situations, and how they have helped businesses thrive. But let’s break down this topic to the original question – how can you gain more followers on social media as a firm? With the following discussion, we’ll consider that and more:

Post Regularly & At Scheduled Times

Make sure that you post regularly on your social media channels so that people have something to follow you for. Make sure each post is substantive. Depending on the business you run, this may differ. For instance, something as simple as posting the cakes of the day can be important enough for a cafe, but for a law firm, well, that might give the wrong impression. In the latter example though, referring back to the law blog written on their website, such as what legal proceedings are needed to bring a relative to rehab, can solve a real pressing question someone may have.

It’s also important to keep in mind what time your audience is likely to view these posts and the degree to which they’ll want to interact with them. Thankfully, most social media platforms and website content platforms allow you to schedule when posts will go live, which can be especially useful if you’re going to be out of the office or wish to post at the weekend. A nice cycle of posts can help you retain and grow your online following.

Use Appropriate Hashtags

Some may think of hashtags as a 2013-era consideration, but it’s true to say that these are still absolutely necessary and for many people they serve as a great way to index and source content. Something as simple as #marketing can help you better classify the kinds of posts you make.

You can also apply these hashtags on your bio page to makes it known what fields you’re operating in, or even what events you plan to attend. For instance, having #marketingexpo2022 in your bio can help connect you to other people and services who will be attending that event. A nice balance can be found here, then, provided we’re willing to use the tools available to us.

Make Your Social Media Platforms Your Update Space

Another great utility for providing utility to your social media channels involves using them to update your audience as and when needed. For instance, you may notice that some interent providers will announce downtime, maintenance, or issues with their systems on platforms like Twitter, where most people are liable to look in the event of them noticing.

This way, they can give a quick timeline of the work being carried out and when they expect work to finish. Some companies, especially retailers, offer separate ‘help’ Twitter accounts which are staffed by employees looking over the mentions and instant messages received, providing immediate support as and when this is needed. A competent update space of this nature can help grow your platform, while serving a worthwhile purpose in the first place. It’s no wonder why more and more businesses are starting to pivot towards this approach, then.

Interact With Other Businesses If Appropriate

Some companies find that interacting with other businesses is a good way to seemingly ‘be part of the community,’ joking along with one another in a manner that seems natural and welcoming. The degree to which this might actually work, of course, is totally up to you to decide.

This is a good primer on why companies do this, and the benefits they serve. Sometimes, congratulations between firms, for instance, can be a nice way of using this outreach potential. Not all firms can get away with it, but those that do tend to find that due to the interesting nature of such an interaction and the blending of such respective audiences, gaining more followers is quite likely.

Include Social Channels As Part Of Your Packaging & Branding

It can’t hurt to make sure that your social media pages are referred to as part of the packaging design of your products. A nice bag with your Twitter handle, or Facebook page listing can help people realize that should they need to, they can leverage platforms like this to contact you.

Including these kinds of social channels will aid you in structuring cohesive marketing that feeds back into each other. Even in the descriptions of videos you publish, this can work. What matters is the constant and subtle hinting that these platforms are something you invest time into, and that serve, outside of your website, as reliable hubs for your business news and communication. When you can convince your audience of that value-added approach, they’re much more likely to both appreciate it and use such a platform.

With this advice, we hope you can gain more followers for your business social media channels in the best way. It may take a little time to achieve, but success in these matters is often exponential due to the degree of virality that has become an underpinning of modern online social discourse. Measure your approach, and you’ll see just what a difference can be made.

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