HousingWire Magazine: The ‘Title and Escrow’ Issue

Brena Nath, Director of HW+ and Events

When looking at the home-buying process, I’ve always found it fascinating and impressive that the title agent usually wins the buyer-driven social media post. The homebuyer just wrapped this long process with their real estate agent and mortgage loan officer, but it’s the photo with the title agent that they tend to post on social media as they hold the keys to their new house. To add to the story, the buyer usually doesn’t even pick the title agent — the seller does.

That observation is not the center of this issue — the title and escrow companies are — but some of the top behind-the-scenes and consumer-facing companies are featured in this issue. So why do I bring up that social media observation? It’s to point out the heightened focus on the consumer experience in the title process. This is also a topic that all companies in housing are trying to address — how to create a beneficial and educational experience for the buyer and seller.

In both this year’s list of TECH100 winners and this issue’s commentaries from thought leaders in the title space, the consumer is at the center of the conversation. The concept isn’t necessarily new, but after a few years of record-setting demand, the race has begun for who will win the consumer as competition within the industry hits a new high.

Lastly, I want to give a huge congrats to this year’s esteemed list of TECH100 winners. I’ve had a front-row seat to how this list has grown, shifted and adapted over the years, and I can say with confidence that these companies are Moving Markets Forward and continue to push the envelope in housing.

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