How Much you Will Save on a Tank of Petrol in South Africa this month

South African motorists filling up with petrol from Wednesday (5 October) will enjoy a much-needed breather, as petrol prices have come down for the third consecutive month.

The latest fuel price adjustment from the Department of Energy will see petrol prices come down between 89 cents and R1.02 per litre, for 93 and 95 petrol, respectively.

This translates to a saving of around R40 to R70 when filling up a tank from empty, depending on the size.

The good news for petrol drivers may be a bitter pill to swallow for diesel drivers, however, with the latter experiencing a slight bump in prices – between 10 cents and 15 cents per litre.

Diesel drivers will be paying between R5 and R12 more when filling up.

This is how the price changes will reflect at the pumps:

Inland September official October Official
93 Petrol R22.95 R22.06
95 Petrol R23.38 R22.36
0.05% diesel (wholesale) R23.96 R24.06
0.005% diesel (wholesale) R24.16 R24.31
Coastal September official October Official
93 Petrol R22.30 R21.41
95 Petrol R22.73 R21.71
0.05% diesel (wholesale) R23.31 R23.41
0.005% diesel (wholesale) R23.52 R23.67

According to Neil Roets, the CEO of Debt Rescue, diesel prices are currently on the rise as a result of global supply being constrained while demand increases.

Roets noted that diesel is the primary fuel for the majority of agricultural, factory processes and emergency power generators across the globe. In light of the war in Ukraine and supply chain constraints, imported diesel is likely to cost more.

With the cost of living rising, a slight decrease in petrol price is a welcomed sign; however, consumers have altered their behaviour when it comes to driving.

Remote work helped get cars off the road and reduce money spent on fuel – but with most South Africans heading back to the office, the cost of driving daily and filling up a large tank of petrol has become a deeper consideration.

The following table shows how much it now costs to fill up popular tank sizes with the two variations of unleaded petrol.

Tank size 93 unleaded Saving in October 95 unleaded Saving in October
45 litres R992 – R39 R1 006 -R46
60 litres R1 323 – R54 R1 341 -R61
80 litres  R1 764 – R72 R1 788 -R82

Below, BusinessTech looks at how much it will now cost you to fill up some of the country’s best-selling cars from empty:

Toyota Hilux – R1,788

Volkswagen Polo Vivo – R1,006

Toyota Urban Cruiser – R1,073

Ford Ranger – R1,788

Suzuki Swift – R827

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