How to Have an Eco-Friendly Move

Millions of Canadians move every year. This can have a negative impact on the environment, as moves tend to create a lot of waste if not done in an eco-friendly way. Do you want to have an eco-conscious move but aren’t sure how to go about it? Here are 5 simple, eco-friendly moving tips that will help you reduce the impact of moving on the environment while saving money in the process.

1. Donate, Sell, and Recycle

A major part of practically any move is going through your belongings and throwing out what you don’t want anymore. Unfortunately, the stuff you throw into the garbage could end up in a landfill or the ocean. Opting to donate, sell, or recycle your unwanted things will significantly reduce the environmental impact of your move.

If you have some things you’d like to sell, like unwanted dishes, furniture, or decor, you can use services like Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, or eBay. The money you make could even help offset your moving costs. For the items you’d like to donate, such as clothing or books, you can drop by your nearest Goodwill or get in touch with a local homeless shelter. As for recycling, simply take care throughout the process to sort things in the appropriate garbage bags.

2. Ask Stores for Leftover Boxes

Check with your local stores to see if they have any leftover boxes you can use for your move. You may be surprised by just how many stores have extras that they’re more than happy to get rid of. Opting for used boxes over new ones is better for the environment and saves you money! What’s not to like?

3. Use Biodegradable Packing Materials

Standard packing peanuts are popular among moving families across the country. But there are environmentally friendly alternatives that are just as effective for packing your belongings. Before you purchase packing peanuts, we encourage you to consider biodegradable options made of materials like potato starch and cornstarch rather than styrofoam.

4. Safely Dispose of Chemicals

Moving tends to involve a lot of cleaning, whether you’re moving into a new home or out of your current home. That means you’ll probably be using a lot of cleaning products that are loaded with chemicals.

Thankfully, you can prevent these chemicals and any other hazardous materials from harming the environment by disposing of them in a safe and responsible way. This should be relatively straightforward, as most products come with safe disposal instructions.

5. Use Clothes to Wrap Fragile Items

Moving is costly enough as it is; there’s no need to waste money on bubble wrap. Your clothing, towels, and blankets will effectively cushion and protect your fragile items just as well as bubble wrap would. This also serves as a practical way to make the most of the space in all of your moving boxes.

Call a local London Ontario REALTOR® to Start the Process

Implementing just a few of these practices will help you have a much more environmentally and stress-free friendly move. These methods can even help you save money on your move, as you won’t have to purchase single-use items like bubble wrap or cardboard boxes.

Need help selling your home or buying a new one before pursuing your eco-friendly move? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our local London Ontario real estate agents at your earliest convenience. With our experience, negotiating skills, and local market knowledge, we can ensure that you get the best possible deals on homes across London that suit your wants and needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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