How To Manage Crowds at Open House Events

The U.S. is short 5.42 million homes, a figure which has jumped from 1.4 million since 2019. This means that the housing market is highly competitive, and open house events will be more crowded than ever.

Read on to learn how you can manage crowds at open house events. We’ll give advice on how to prevent overcrowding that could create a negative view in the minds of potential buyers. This guide will give you all the top tips you need for a successful open-house event!

Top Tips for Open House Events

Implement Crowd Control Techniques

There is a high demand for family homes right now. The pandemic has caused many areas in the U.S. to become seller’s markets, meaning that family homes are incredibly sought-after. This means that your open house could be overwhelmed with potential buyers. 

Although this may be great for your selling potential, you may need to implement some crowd-control techniques to ensure the house doesn’t become overcrowded. Not only does this obstruct potential buyers’ view of the house, but it will also increase the potential of your open house event becoming a super-spreader event. 

Although the pandemic appears to be cooling off, the virus still needs to factor into any event’s health and safety considerations. Failing to consider health and safety at open house events could open you up to open house liability.

To ensure your open house event isn’t overcrowded, you can use stanchions and crowd-control barriers outside the front door to ensure your guests stand in an orderly line and wait their turn to view the house. Then, simply regulate how many viewers are in the house using a one-in-one-out policy. This will ensure your viewers can view the house properly and allow you to prevent the spread of germs at your open house event.

Choose The Ideal Time

To ensure you get an ideal amount of traffic at your open house event, the time and day you choose are critical. 75% of real estate agents stated that Sunday was the optimal day for an open house event. Weekends are the perfect days to choose for your event, as you will be able to ensure all potential buyers get a chance to view the house and won’t have work obligations. 

The time of day you choose to host your open-house event is also important due to the traffic levels in your area. Even on weekends, there will be times of day when traffic will make it more difficult for potential buyers to come to the viewing. 

In suburban areas, the best time of day for your weekend open house would be between the hours of 12 and 4 pm. In metro areas, the best time of day for your weekend open house would be between the hours of 11 and 3 pm.

If you choose the ideal time for your open house, you will gain more potential buyers, and the house will be more likely to sell.

Set The Stage

Setting the stage at your open house events is crucial. You need to allow potential buyers to imagine their life in their new homes. You can do this by creating an atmosphere. 

Ensure that your sellers have cleaned the house before the viewing or request that they enlist the services of a professional cleaner. Then, create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere in the house by lighting candles arranging throws and throw pillows to set the stage for a comfortable home environment. Suppose your potential buyers can picture themselves enjoying a pleasant afternoon in the house they are viewing. In that case, they will be more emotionally attached to the house and more inclined to buy it.

Offer Snacks and Beverages

If you offer snacks and beverages at your open house, this is a powerful way to set a positive tone for the viewing subliminally. If the viewers enjoy a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, or a warm, fresh-baked cookie during the viewing, they will have more pleasant memories associated with the house. 

If they enjoy food and beverages, viewers will be more inclined to take their time and give the house a more thorough viewing. This way, they will become more familiar with the house and create a stronger impression.

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Post Your Open House Listing Online

In the digital era, the best way to increase the exposure of your open house listing is to make use of online platforms. Try using multiple listing sites to advertise your open house. Additionally, you should make use of the Nextdoor events platform to list your event and make it visible to more potential buyers in the area.


When it comes to open houses, preparation is everything. You need to ensure that your event is safe, and your potential buyers aren’t crammed into a crowded space. Choosing the optimal time for your viewing and making the necessary safety preparations can help you to make your open house events infinitely more successful.

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