How To Use Communities To Supercharge Your Content Career

Content marketing can be a lonely space.

You may be the only content person in your team or a content freelancer operating as an island of one.

Having no peers who get content can be hard and slow your career growth.

This is something I struggled with early in my career until I discovered the power of community! 

I’ll share how you can make the most out of communities to make your content role easier 😊

Here’s what this post will cover:

  1. Types of content communities
  2. Ways to use content communities to supercharge your career
  3. Content collaboration: how to foster long-term partnerships
  4. How to be a valuable community member

Let’s start with what we mean by a content community.

In this instance, I’m defining a content community as:

A group of content professionals connected by their similar roles and career aspirations.

Here are some types of content communities:

Slack communities

In Slack content communities, people often need to meet certain criteria to join.

ContentUK (which I run!) is for content marketers in the UK and Women in Tech SEO exists (as the name suggests) for women with a career in tech SEO.

Twitter communities

‘Twitter chats’ are popular in the content marketing world.

They follow a format where content folks all answer career questions using a hashtag:

#FreelanceHeroes – every Weds at 8pm (GMT)

#FreelanceChat – every Thurs at 5pm (GMT)

#SEOChat – every Thurs at 6pm (GMT)

#ContentClubUK – every Tues at 11am (GMT)

Reddit communities

The content marketing subreddit is handy for finding discussions around all things content.

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