InDriver just entered the delivery/courier market in Jamaica? – Silicon Caribe

News Short: We got a heads up from a screenshot taken by a regular InDriver Customer that was sent to us. It showed that riders can now, not only order cars to take them places, but also order a courier/delivery driver to go pick up things. A new service from the newest entrant into the very hot Jamaican ride-share market.

It’s clear that InDriver is seeking to take full advantage of the 30-day app glitch that Uber had as well as the mini exodus of drivers and customers who switched to their service because for drivers the rates were better and for customers, the cars came faster.

We maintain though that they have to raise the bar on the reports of poor quality of driver customer services, cars, and reported bad behaviour.

Let’s see how the market responds.

We wrote about InDriver entering the Jamaican market and debated whether or not they would dominate. Read it here Uber Vs InDriver Vs Others – who I think will win the Jamaican market.

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