Is Target Open on New Year’s Eve 2021?

Is Target Open on New Year's Eve?

Are you doing anything exciting for New Year’s Eve? Many people will choose to stay in this year, avoiding the crowds. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little party. Toast with champagne and sparkling juice as you watch the ball drop in your jammies. Wait, you forgot to buy the juice or you need new jammies? No problem. Maybe you can run out and get those things. Is Target open on New Year’s Eve?

Is Target Open on New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Eve 2021 is Friday , December 31st. Target stores are open on Fridays. However, are they open on holidays. Is New Year’s Eve even a holiday? Although we celebrate the ringing in of the new year in the hours leading up to the official turning of the calendar page, only New Year’s Day is an official holiday. New Year’s Eve isn’t. Therefore, many places that close on holidays are still open on New Year’s Eve.

What about Target? According to Country Living, a spokesperson for the store confirmed that they’ll be open on New Year’s Eve. However, stores will close at 9 pm, even though they might typically stay open later that that. Of course, each store location might vary. You can use Target’s store locator to check for your store’s hours online. Generally speaking, though, yes, Target is open on New Year’s Eve 2021 until 9 pm.

Is Target Open on New Year’s Day?

If New Year’s Day is the actual holiday, will Target close for that? Also according to Country Living, the answer is no. Target stores don’t close for New Year’s Day. They’ll open up for regular Saturday hours. Again, some locations may vary, so your specific store can differ. Most stores follow the same plan, though. Therefore, whether you want to shop at Target on New Year’s Eve for last minute items or get a big start on shopping in the new year, Target will have what you need.

New Year’s Eve Shopping List

What are some things that you might want to get at Target if you’re shopping there on New Year’s Eve? For a last-minute party at home with the family, you might want to consider:

  • Wine, sparkling cider, a cheese plate and snacks if your Target sells food and wine
  • Paper plates and disposable wine glasses
  • Streamers, balloons and confetti for ringing in the new year
  • Check Target’s party section and seasonal section for 2022 candles, hats, and more

Imagine that you’re throwing the most fabulous, yet cozy, New Year’s Eve party. Adjust the shopping list accordingly to suit a party for all ages. Think about your own family’s preferences for parties. Then head to Target on New Year’s Eve before 9 pm to get what you need.

New Year’s Day Shopping List

If you don’t need any New Year’s Eve items, then perhaps you’ll shop at Target at New Year’s Day. If so, then you probably want to stock up on things that you’re going to need in the months to come. Here are some items to remember:

  • Food, particularly snacks and pantry items, for the months to come
  • Paper goods and other household items 
  • Notebooks and supplies for heading back to school after winter break
  • Anything you wanted that you didn’t get for Christmas!
  • Start thinking about Valentine’s Day shopping now to get a jump start!

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