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If you’ve ever contemplated diving into the financial market, you’ve probably stumbled upon a myriad of PROP FIRMS, each offering unique platforms and tools.

Among them, TickTick Trader stands out. Located in Bucharest, Romania, this firm has been on the radar of many aspiring traders. This article aims to provide a thorough TickTicktrader review, encompassing everything you need to know.

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A Brief History of TickTickTrader

Tracing back to 2004, the founders of TickTickTrader embarked on their trading journey. It was in Brussels in 2012 that their paths first converged, leading to collaboration and idea exchange.

Over the ensuing years, while they planned at various prop firms, they confronted challenges familiar to many traders—limiting regulations and transparency issues.

Fed up with these obstructions, they envisioned a trading platform that resonated with the aspirations of the new generation of futures traders. From March 2020 to February 2022, they committed to turning this dream into reality.

The result? In February 2022, TickTickTrader was established to guide traders toward financial freedom. It was built to keep traders at the heart, ensuring simplicity, clarity, and a seamless experience.


Rapid, reliable payouts and round-the-clock support further accentuate their offerings, letting traders focus solely on trading.

However, they didn’t stop there. Recognizing the pain points traders often face with many firms, TickTickTrader was built on a foundation of mutual respect and shared growth.

What is TickTick Trader

Simply put, TickTick Trader is an Instant funding prop firm in Romania. When you engage with them, you are stepping into a realm where you can trade a wide array of CME Futures assets, including CME, CBOT, NYMEX, and COMEX. To break it down further, you have the freedom to trade:

  • Equity Futures
  • Foreign Exchange Futures
  • Agricultural Futures
  • Energy Futures
  • Interest Rate Futures
  • Metals Futures

TickTickTrader Account Specifics

Delving deeper into the structure, TickTick Trader offers a range of account sizes tailored to different trading abilities.

Whether you’re dipping your toes into the trading journey or consider yourself among the ranks of professional traders, there’s likely an account size for you. The account balances span from $25,000 up to a robust $100,000.

Are there costs involved? Certainly, the charges commence at $145 per month for the most basic account and escalate to $285 for the more comprehensive evaluation account. For those eyeing the performance account, which boasts a balance of $25,000, the cost sits at $349.

TickTick Trader operates on a 1:1 leverage ratio. In other words, your trading account balance mirrors your buying power. Instead of offering traditional leverage, your trading limits are delineated by the maximum number of contracts correlating with your account size and profit. Here’s a glance:

  • $25,000 account: Maximum of 4 contracts
  • $50,000 account: Maximum of 10 contracts
  • $100,000 account: Maximum of 14 contracts

Payout Structure at TickTickTrader

When you start, you’re looking at a 100% payout for the initial three months of withdrawals. Beyond that period, a profit split mechanism takes over: traders pocket 90% of the profits, leaving 10% for the prop firm.

TickTickTrader’s Rules

Your responsibilities and goals vary depending on your account size. Yet, some parameters remain static:

  • Minimum trading days: Good news – there’s no fixed count.
  • Challenge duration: You aren’t strapped to a ticking clock. Take the time you need.

However, other aspects, like profit target, daily loss, and maximum drawdown, fluctuate based on the account:


  • $25k (Starter Plan)
  • Profit Target: $1,500 (6%)
  • Max Drawdown: $1,500 (6%)
  • Daily Loss: $500 (2%)

Noteworthy is that TickTickTrader streamlines the evaluation phase, offering a singular step. Unlike other prop trading firms demanding multiple stages, their Direct Plan offers instant funding.

Additional TickTickTrader Details

As you sculpt your trading styles, remember that TickTick Trader doesn’t endorse algorithms or auto trading. Unfortunately, there’s no free trial or reset option.

But on the brighter side, they occasionally roll out discounts (click here to sign up and snag any ongoing offers with our Tick Tick trader coupon code).

Trading Hours and News Trading

Aligning with day traders, TickTickTrader mandates that positions be closed by 5:00 PM ET or earlier, depending on the specific market closure. You can reinitiate trading by 6:00 PM ET. Over the weekends, maintaining open positions isn’t permissible.

Additionally, news trading, an appealing strategy for many, doesn’t face explicit restrictions here. However, like all trading endeavors, a careful approach with adept risk management is paramount. Familiarizing yourself with the market depth and tools like the Scalp Tool can prove invaluable.

Is TickTickTrader Legit

Rest assured, TickTickTrader isn’t a fleeting entity. They have an established presence with tangible contact points:

  • Address: 1201 N Orange St, Suite 7149, Wilmington, DE 19801, USA
  • Email:
  • Phone: +1 201-754-1528

Additionally, their website boasts live chat support for immediate queries.

Features TickTickTrader Proudly Offers

  • No Minimum Trading Days

You can dive straight into trading as soon as you’ve cleared the KYC procedures, sealed the contract, and reached your set targets.

  • News Trading

They allow news trading. This means you’re always equipped with fresh market insights, ensuring you stay informed.

  • Position Sizes

Your trading plan dictates the position size. Hence, you must familiarize yourself with these caps.

  • Drawdown Limits

TickTickTrader uses sophisticated trading software to gauge drawdown at each day’s end. This gives you a clear picture of how you’re performing and nudges you to adjust your trading objectives when necessary.

  • Gauging Weekly Loss

What sets the TickTickTrader platform apart is its allowance for a broader daily loss limit. This gives you enhanced trading opportunities and greater flexibility.

  • TickTick Arcade

Join the elite trading community at TickTickArcade. Here, you’re not just accessing a platform but entering a vibrant trading room. Engage with like-minded traders, exchange trading strategies, and gain new market insights.

  • TickTick Contest

Step into the world of thrilling trading competitions at TickTickContest. Test your trading skills against other seasoned traders. Everyone, whether a newbie or a trading pro, is welcome to showcase their prowess.

Conclusion: Is TickTickTrader Worth Your Time?

With cutting-edge technology, an open-door approach, and an unwavering commitment to trader success, TickTickTrader stands tall, aspiring to mentor the next generation of futures traders.

They firmly believe every trader, whether green or seasoned, has the potential to excel. Their mission is to provide all the tools, support, and guidance you need to harness this potential fully.

If TickTick Trader isn’t an exact fit for you, you may explore some of our alternative reviews on the best futures prop trading firms or the best options prop trading firms.

Remember, trading is not just about transactions; it’s about forging a path toward your trading goals, and with TickTickTrader, you’re never alone on this journey.

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