JOE token is already available on Binance – Defi market wrap

JOE token is already available on Binance – Defi market wrap

JOE token is already available on Binance – Defi market wrap

 Binance listed the JOE token on its platform today. The exchange has also announced that it would open trading for JOE/BUSD, JOE/BTC, and JOE/USDT trading pairs on December 28, 2021. JOE is TraderJoe’s native utility token. The latter is Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on Avalanche blockchain. This platform offers borrowing and lending services through BankerJoe. Users will be able to stake the JOE token to receive protocol fees. The token holders can also vote on governance proposals.


0xMurloc and Cryptofish founded TraderJoe in June 2021. They wanted to create a unique and truly innovative trading platform that would serve a global audience at the frontier of the decentralized finance industry while also resonating with Avalanche’s emerging superiority. Since launching, the TraderJoe platform has managed to attract over $4bn in assets. It has also gained backing from some of the widely recognized investors in the industry.


The TraderJoe team values innovation, speed, and safety. It thinks that community is the most important and aims to offer Defi accessibility and freedom to all users. The company will provide a one-stop-shop Defi experience for everyone around the world. It will also ensure the highest level of security.


According to the team, Trader Joe’s main tool is innovation and hard work. He aims to provide new experiences and solutions. Furthermore, Trader Joe’s goal is to serve the community at the frontiers of Defi. The company will do that by building fast and securely and innovating along the way. The project’s ultimate goal is to offer customers a trading platform that will provide a true one-stop-shop Defi experience. Users will be able to swap, stake, farm, borrow, lend, and leverage on this platform.


What about FomoETH and its token? 


FomoETH is a new revolutionary, community-driven blockchain ecosystem. It focuses on reward distribution and NFT Technology. The company launched its native utility token on December 28, 2021. 431,872,050,000 FomoETH are available for purchase for the price of $0.000001. Users can buy them on Pinksale.Finance platform. That amount is only 43.18% of the total supply, though. The company’s fundraising goal is $600,000, and it accepts ETH in exchange for its tokens.


The team created this platform to reward Defi users for their loyalty to a token and projects. The company configured the platform to redistribute ownership and wealth to its community through its token, as well as the flagship project, NFTagram.


Furthermore, the company has built the FomoETH network on both the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain. It wanted to build an intertwined digital economy owned and governed by its participants while at the same time providing guaranteed dividends to token holders. According to the team, the FomoETH token is the core of its ecosystem. It will support all the projects inside the FomoETH network, functioning both as a payment method and a long-term reserve asset.

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