Lender Price launches new tool to automate base pricing

Lender Price, a leading provider of mortgage loan product and pricing technology, has launched Base Price Solution (BPS), a new pricing tool designed to help banks, lenders, and credit unions optimize their pricing strategies.

With the new product, lenders have the ability to quickly generate base pricing, which eliminates the need for multiple spreadsheets used to calculate pricing market swings. The solution not only provides full transparency for regulators and auditors, but it also helps reduce manual processes, improve accuracy, and get pricing out faster when the market changes.

BPS is specifically designed for capital markets and secondary marketing teams that want to ensure they are priced competitively while maximizing their profits, Lender Price said in a statement. Users can also set custom pricing rules based on factors such as seasonality, demand, and competitive pressures.

The pricing tool is directly integrated with top market data providers, enabling lenders to set up pricing plans for different types of products, reference buy-up or buy-down tables as well as MSR servicing grids, and manage and adjust pricing for multiple products or services. Additionally, BPS allows manual channel-based subsidies at the coupon level and complete traceability for regulatory or audit reasons.

With Base Price Solution, lenders can quickly reprice within minutes during market swings and recall any committed pricing date to the history screen for reference or audit purposes. By automating the process, pricing updates save time and reduce the risk of manual errors.

“We are excited to launch Base Price Solution, a powerful pricing tool that will help banks, lenders, and credit unions improve their pricing strategies and drive profitability,” said Dawar Alimi, CEO at Lender Price. “BPS offers a unique combination of insights and custom pricing rules, providing businesses with the ability to enhance process, drive efficiency and optimize their pricing strategies.”

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