Life Beyond Real Estate, w/ David Greene and BiggerPockets Founder Joshua Dorkin

Brandon Turner has been an essential part of the real estate investing community for almost a decade. Some could say that he is THE person most thought of when you say “real estate investing”. But, in a both sad and happy way, Brandon is taking time off from the BiggerPockets Podcast to spend more time with his family, build his business, and surf significantly more.

Due to the magnitude of the occasion, we brought in BiggerPockets’ founder, Joshua Dorkin, to help hand off the keys to the castle to your new show host, David Greene. Brandon, David, and Josh spend this show talking about burnout, identity, the cost of comparison, wealth building, new year’s resolutions and goals, and how to become a better person, bit by bit, every day.

We will miss hearing Brandon’s metaphors, jiu-jitsu references, and real estate horror stories from years ago, but we wish him the best of luck on his new ventures and hope to hear him back on the podcast soon with an update. For everyone but Brandon, stick around for new show formats with brand new co-hosts and content that you, the BiggerPockets community, have been asking for.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Why burnout can be dangerous and often deceiving on your journey to success
  • Separating your identity from your occupation and being more than just an investor
  • The cost of comparison and why being content is the ultimate sign of success
  • The “Wheel Of Life” practice to help you analyze where you are lacking
  • 2022 goal setting and resolutions, and whether or not they work
  • Advice on podcasting and taking the reins from Brandon Turner and Joshua Dorkin
  • And So Much More!

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