Must-Haves for Real Estate Landing Pages

An agent’s website must have a strong landing page. Some customers create their “first impression of you,” even though it’s not a face-to-face interaction.

NEW YORK – A strong website landing page is essential and a key part of an agent’s sales funnel – and it needs professional sales copy.

This high-quality, professionally written sales copy should be based on proven scientific formulas that blend psychology with purchasing-behavior trends. As a customer’s first impression of an agent, the website has less than two seconds to gain the attention of a target and compel them to take a specific action, such as opting into an email list or signing up for a real estate coaching program.

Landing pages also must have a clear call-to-action “above the fold,” which refers to the portion of the website that people see before scrolling down.

Landing pages also need unique value propositions that answer such questions as, “Why you, and why not your competition?” and “Why now?”

In addition, landing pages need to have easy-to-remember domain names that prioritize SEO (search engine optimization).

They also should have an engaging follow-up sequence that guides the audience after they opt into an action. This should address their emotions and potential internal struggles.

Another key element: Social share buttons on the page of the opt-in or the confirmation page with a strong call-to-action. These encourage people to share the funnel on their profiles.

Finally, agents need to offer something that solves an urgent problem – and is completely different from anything else a competitor offers.

Source: Inman (02/25/22) Layton, Sarah

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