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There is nothing as bad as enjoying a fantastic moment during the day, only for it to get ruined by a headache. While there are various types of headaches, and some of them cannot be prevented at all without medical therapy, most of them can be prevented in natural ways.

Get appropriate amounts of rest

When a person experiences a headache, it is often a sign from the body that they need to take a break from everything and just rest for a bit. In the modern-day that we live in, this might be a bit hard to manage, as everyone aims to work as much as possible and to be as productive as possible.

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While being productive certainly has an upside, constantly working yourself out and getting the minimum amount of rest is going to give you headaches. Not only that being tired has a physical effect, as you will be more sluggish, but it also has an impact on mental health, and headaches are often a good sign to tell you to change your lifestyle and get more rest.

Improvements in your diet and how you eat can help prevent headaches

Eat small and frequent meals

Something that everyone is a fan of is eating. However, again, because of the rushed lifestyle a lot of us tend to live these days, most manage to get one big meal throughout the day, and maybe two if we are lucky. Doing that is quite a bad habit, and it has various negative effects on the body.

While it might be a bit tedious and not that practical, having a couple of smaller meals throughout the day is going to prevent a lot of headaches. This is because the blood sugar levels are going to be more balanced, and you will not experience those sugar crashes that cause a headache.

If you are wondering what the smaller meals that can make you feel full and not take a lot of your day are, any food rich in magnesium, such as spinach, tofu, sunflower, pumpkin seeds, and olive oil, is a good choice.

Ice your forehead

Lying down when you have a headache might be something that you do naturally, but if you also apply a wet washcloth or an icy compress over your forehead, the headache is going to clear out much faster than you think.

The principles behind this solution are that by applying something cold to a sensitive area like the forehead, you are tricking your brain into paying attention to the cold stimulus and not the pain made by the headache. By the time the cold goes away, your headache will be long gone as well.

Take a hot shower

Since not everyone is a fan of cold, there is a solution to those who would prefer a hotter solution, and a hot shower is just that. If you often tend to wake up and experience a headache shortly after that, then taking a hot steamy shower as you wake up is the perfect way to prevent it.

Another way to battle a headache with “heat” is by consuming some caffeine, which is surprisingly what a lot of people are used to without even thinking that they are doing it to prevent a headache. Whether you want to drink some coffee or take a shower, you should reduce the time you spend in bed after you wake up, as that increases the chance of getting a headache.

Get a massage

One of the oldest solutions to preventing and treating a headache is just a good massage. When the body is relaxed and not under stress, there is a much smaller chance you are going to experience a headache, even if you are a person who has the chronic type.

If you are not looking for a full-body massage, you can give one to yourself by massaging the temples gently. This will loosen up the tension in your head, and it will also treat a headache if you happen to have one. For other similar methods, you can check out and consult with specialists about preventing and treating a headache.

Lower alcohol intake

Everyone who happened to have a drink too many knows that the next morning they wake up, they are going to have a pounding headache, which people often refer to as a hangover. While a hangover is probably the worst kind of headache to experience in the morning, one does not necessarily have to drink too much to get a headache from alcohol.

There are certain drinks that are big headache triggers, and these differ from person to person. You should learn which drinks you can take and which you can avoid. Of course, it is best if you avoid drinking alcohol completely, as it keeps your body less hydrated, and staying hydrated is another way to prevent headaches. Saying no to alcohol will help you experience less headaches.

Final word

Headaches come in many forms, and there are various ways to prevent and treat them. Recognizing the patterns that cause you to have a headache is the most significant information you can share with your doctor, as that information can help them give you advice on how you can prevent and treat your headaches.

Leading a healthy lifestyle with enough exercise, a good diet, and enough sleep is usually more than enough to prevent headaches. While a lot of people are not in a position to have all of those things, aiming to achieve at least some of them will make most of your days headache-free.

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