Nautical Bowls Soars to New Heights as Fastest-Growing Superfoods Concept

Nautical Bowls Soars to New Heights as Fastest-Growing Superfoods Concept

In a world where health and wellness have taken center stage, Nautical Bowls emerges as a beacon of nutritious deliciousness and a captivating franchise opportunity.

Nautical Bowls, franchising since 2021, is riding a surging wave of mega growth with 44 locations open, 58 stores in development, and more than 161 awarded territories.

We checked in with Nautical Bowls CEO, Peter Taunton, to learn more about the fast-growing brand’s secret to emerging success and plans to be a leader in the healthy fast-casual restaurant space.

What sets Nautical Bowls apart from other health and wellness franchises?

Peter: The quick-service restaurant space is changing; picking up healthy meals on the go is easier than ever before. That’s why we believe the franchise concept has taken off so rapidly to meet demand. Our açaí superfood bowls are made fresh with all-natural, organic ingredients that provide a nutritious and delicious meal in under two minutes. Making our bowls a convenient way to kickstart your day, fuel your body after a workout, or simply enjoy a quick, guilt-free meal.

For franchisees, Nautical Bowls is a small business in a big-box franchise concept. It’s a simple and efficient model that’s easy to own and operate.

Let’s talk about the menu. How do you uniquely meet the overall well-being of all of your guests?

Peter:  It is essential to us that a wide range of guests can enjoy our product and feel refreshed, refueled, and recharged. Our layered superfood bowls are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and plant-based, made with zero refined sugars and all-natural, organic, high-quality ingredients—we leave out the junk.

What are the key trends in health and wellness that Nautical Bowls is well positioned to capitalize on?

Peter: As consumers continue to look for quick, healthy meals that match their diet and lifestyle, Nautical Bowls positions itself above many quick-service restaurant concepts. Health trends are constantly changing, but Nautical Bowls remains steadfast in our core value of delivering a full meal with a variety of layers and flavors to allow the guest to customize their order to meet their health goals. As a brand, Nautical Bowls has resonated in every community we serve.

You seek to expand with those with an ambitious entrepreneurial spirit passionate for healthy living. Can you talk about why this is so important?

Peter: We believe the ideal franchise partner is passionate about health and wellness, and is excited to bring a unique superfood concept to their community. At Nautical Bowls, we combine healthy, fresh superfood bowls with an uplifting atmosphere to give our guests energy to help fuel their life to the fullest. When our franchise partners share the same health, wellness, and community goals, we can successfully spread brand awareness and passionately serve communities together.

What does the future hold for Nautical Bowls?

Peter: As we continue to grow nationwide, Nautical Bowls is positioned as the fastest-growing açaí bowl concept in the country. We were recently featured as an emerging brand by Entrepreneur, and are positioned for steady, profitable growth. As our loyal Nauti Fam base and brand continues to skyrocket, we plan to expand throughout the U.S. and internationally. Now is the time to hop on board for this unique franchise opportunity.

Chart your own course to success with an experienced franchise team and become a part of Nautical Bowls’ mission to shape a healthier future. Visit today.


Nautical Bowls
At Nautical Bowls, we combine healthy, fresh superfood bowls with an uplifting atmosphere, giving you energy to life a full life! Our goal is to bring Nautical Bowls to new communities nationwide. Learn More

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