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Starting a new business is one of the toughest decisions you can ever make. First,
you need to find a good idea, and then build a plan for marketing, branding, sales,
hiring, etc. Then, you need to work on the product strategy and finally, raise capital
to execute your plans. Sounds like a lot of work, right…??? This is where
Franchise Batao can help you.

Nv shoppe provides you one of the best business opportunities to being a franchise
business partner. We deal with our business daily needs the essential products of our
customers. You can earn a lot of money through being a franchise of this esteemed
company. You can also earn money to buying a product of NV shoppe. In fact, NV
Shoppe provides you two in one way business opportunity. Generally, we see a
customer always be a customer but in our business customers will change into a
gainer. We promote our clients as a beneficiary. We give earnings to our customers.

Now a day’s many people want to establish a super or a mini-store in their locality.
To bring a business partner we help them to establish their own business. Nv
shoppe provides you three types of Customers
1. Walking Customers
2. Company provide you the customer through own sources.
3. Online customers are yours in your pin code area.

Franchise Business model

Nv shoppe plan has presented two types of franchise Business, model.

Mini Mart: In low investment in compact size: Investment / 5-6 Lakhs

1. Super Market: Full fledge business model: Investment / 15 Lakhs

If you want to start a mini-mart business in your local area. We planned a mini-mart
business franchise for you within 5-6 Lakhs with you and easily you may earn 50-
60 thousand per month with it. We will provide you whole business support to
your shop. We drop our sales executive with you to continue support to
developments and establishments in your business.
Similarly, If you want to start a Super Market business in your area, you have to pay
15 Lakhs for our franchise. We provide you Full fledge business support to you.
We also provide you a marketing research team for 8 days to develop and
enhance your business in your local area.
Nv shop influence business in rural areas while all brands want urban areas for
their business. Actually, we want to cover our business at Tasil and block level. we
want to serve the people at the grass root level.
Now let’s know how you can will earn money to be franchises of this company or
product .you can open a supermarket of Grocery Store Franchise in your local
market and earn an unlimited profit. We serve our business partner with positive
attitude and approach. Shop with us and change your life.
Process Of Setting Up A Franchise Business:

There is an initial fee for buying rights to the business, methods, equipment,
marketing techniques etc. which the franchisee has to pay.

Once you buy the rights to the tested and proven business system, you also
get access to trademarked things of the brand. For example slogans, brand
name, logos etc.

Marketing Strategy :

There are a number of marketing techniques which are required in order to run a business. Franchisor’s already working business strategies and advertising pamphlets would definitely provide you with the push and grow off the business quickly.

 Support :

There are all kinds of support provided by the Franchisor to the franchise.Not only franchisors would provide support through the technologies and methods they use.

Connections and links :

There would be another franchise who might have experienced the same troubles you might are experiencing. Of course, by discussing and sharing out your problems with other franchise people would help you a better vision of the business plan and strategy to be opted for. Before proceeding further with the investment in the franchise business, you must consider the pros and cons of this kind of business system and then finally make a decision. A franchisee attorney would help you further in finalizing your decision regarding purchasing of the rights in context to your investing business plan. Not only this, you must equally understand the franchise agreement before actually signing a contract.

So if you are willing for Grocery in the range of 5 lakhs then NV Shoppe is a Good Option to opt.

The people interested in buying the franchise of this store can contact us.

CONTACT US:7827719099
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