Roostify’s platform delivers an efficient experience for borrowers and LOs

The acquisition of Roostify by CoreLogic aims to streamline the user experience in the mortgage application process. By incorporating Roostify’s mortgage application software into CoreLogic’s suite of products, clients can benefit from an end-to-end integrated workflow to the loan origination process. This integration will simplify the application process, reducing manual tasks and providing real-time updates on loan status, providing a superior customer experience for lenders and financial institutions.

Roostify’s groundbreaking solution addresses the challenges posed by the current market environment by fundamentally transforming the borrower journey from the point of sale. As a prominent player in the lending industry, Roostify has skillfully designed a seamless integration between the application process and loan origination systems, delivering a smooth and efficient experience for both applicants and loan officers.

In response to evolving market demands, the platform offers exceptional configurability and a seamless end-to-end workflow. It also has bi-directional LOS integrations, which revolutionize the lending experience. Roostify’s strategic partnerships with leading LOS providers, such as Encompass, Empower, BytePro and MortgageCadence, offer extraordinary synchronization and data exchange capabilities.

The solution’s exceptional adaptability streamlines borrower app capture and fulfillment processes, delivering a tailor-made experience that outshines the competition. The platform revolutionizes mortgage lending by integrating each loan process step, ensuring a smooth, efficient and comprehensive journey from application to closing.

Importantly, Roostify’s open API infrastructure enables a true bi-directional communication between the point of sale and loan origination system, allowing CoreLogic to leverage its proprietary data assets early in the process. This strategic shift enhances process efficiencies by ensuring better data accuracy and cleanliness. Roostify’s method of bringing data and workflows closer to the point of application creates a more transparent mortgage process. This improves the borrower’s experience by preventing flawed or poor-quality application processes from occurring at the outset.

Combining Roostify’s platform with CoreLogic’s extensive data and analytics capabilities will empower clients to make data-driven decisions, allowing them to assess risk better and make more informed lending decisions. This can lead to increased efficiency throughout the loan fulfillment cycle, potentially resulting in shorter processing times and increased profitability for lenders.

For example, by leveraging CoreLogic data, lenders can determine whether a property is truly a townhome or a condo, which saves time and money and improves the borrower experience.

The CoreLogic-Roostify acquisition has the potential to change how people think about mortgages by delivering a game-changing, efficient and transparent origination experience for all parties involved. This acquisition paves the way for a streamlined journey through data and workflow integration, cutting costs, conserving valuable time and amplifying accuracy.

By offering a tailored mortgage experience, CoreLogic is able to foster trust and confidence in the process, empowering borrowers to take control of their financial future. The acquisition of Roostify underscores CoreLogic’s unwavering dedication to innovation and transforming the public’s perception of the mortgage process.

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