SoftPro unveils ClosingsLIVE, its closings communication portal

SoftPro, the nation’s top provider of title, closing, and escrow software, announced on Thursday that it has launched ClosingsLIVE, a cutting-edge communication portal for real estate settlements. The platform grants authorized parties secure access to order status, documents, and milestones, catering to the demands of clients and all transaction participants.

“ClosingsLIVE is a gamechanger app for SoftPro customers and the clients they serve,” Patrick Hempen, SoftPro’s chief customer officer, said. “We live in a world where people demand immediate, around-the-clock access to their data, and ClosingsLIVE is a tool that allows settlement agents to securely manage and share order data with their clients and other parties in the transaction, giving them a competitive advantage in a tight marketplace.”

ClosingsLIVE replaces SoftPro’s initial SoftPro LIVE portal, equipping settlement agents with secure, round-the-clock access to closing-related updates, events, and documents. The user-friendly platform is available on desktop and as a mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

The ClosingsLIVE app enables push notifications, directly alerting users when an order is shared, a milestone or document is updated, or an order is closed. Its sleek and clean interface offers immediate access to crucial order details, including property address, map, buyer and seller names, settlement date, and recently completed milestones.

Users seeking further information can delve deeper, accessing comprehensive order details such as associated milestones, their respective statuses, and overall progress.

ClosingsLIVE also offers branding options, providing SoftPro customers with enhanced marketing visibility to their clients and service partners. By incorporating settlement agents’ branding within the app, mobile users can quickly identify orders, particularly those working with multiple SoftPro customers.

For instance, a realtor may have multiple properties in progress with more than one settlement agent. Using the ClosingsLIVE app, the realtor can differentiate orders based on each settlement agent’s branding and easily view and respond to messages across all their orders from multiple settlement agents.

The app also features a feed displaying the latest activity across all the realtor’s properties in one convenient view. Users have the flexibility to customize their display to show different levels of details and sort orders by open date, closing date, milestone, and more. With ClosingsLIVE, settlement agents can efficiently manage their real estate closings directly from their mobile phones, ensuring all parties remain informed at any time.

SoftPro is a leading provider of title, closing, and escrow software in the United States. With an award-winning suite of products designed to increase volume and revenue, SoftPro offers innovative technologies that streamline the closing process.

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