Taco John’s Most Compact Store Design 

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Drive Thru Olé: Taco John's Most Compact Store Design 

Taco John’s International, Inc., founded in 1969, has grown to become one of the largest Mexican quick-service brands in the U.S. With nearly 370 restaurants in 23 states, the brand has proven its ability to innovate and remain relevant to consumer trends throughout the years. From menu innovation to new store concepts, like the recently launched revival of the Drive Thru Olé, Taco John’s knows how to keep consumers craving more.

The Drive Thru Olé is Taco John’s newest and most compact store design. Built specifically for smaller markets, the construction cost for franchisees is significantly less. The stores need less land – standing at half the size of traditional locations, only 0.35 to 0.50 acres of land is necessary for building. Drive Thru Olé locations boost even more benefits to franchisees – during the construction process, the stores arrive to the site ready-built, with interiors finished, as well as HVAC, electrical, and plumbing. Kitchen equipment is installed on the spot. As construction costs are projected to continue rising rapidly, the Drive Thru Olé provides a more cost-friendly alternative to smaller franchisees or franchisees looking to cut costs.

Drive-thru locations have proven to be a top choice for consumers, especially in recent years. During the COVID-19 pandemic and through 2022, Taco John’s saw an increase of 82% of orders placed in the drive-thru, third party or to-go pickups – up from 62% previously. In the quick-service Mexican industry, which is expected to grow to 113.86 billion by 2026, Taco John’s is meeting consumers where they are, and providing options actively sought out by them. With more and more consumers choosing drive-thru options, Taco John’s is continuously expanding its profitable Drive Thru Olé initiative. With the streamlined kitchen-to-customer process at Drive Thru Olé locations, transactions are simplified for both the consumer and franchisee.

Taco John’s has sought expansion in rural markets and across Eastern and Southern states, and with the Drive Thru Olé, growth is imminent. As a cost-efficient construction option for smaller franchisees, as well as consumers largely choosing drive-thru options, Drive Thru Olé locations are bound to remain a popular option for consumers and franchisees alike.


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