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Friday, October 22, 2021

Kentucky Hosts Virtual Symposium Today On The Racial Wealth Gap

The Kentucky Law Journal hosts a symposium today on The Racial Wealth Gap (register here):

KentuckyThe topic is The Racial Wealth Gap and will focus on the legal and historical factors that have contributed to the current state of wealth disparity in the United States that falls largely along racial lines.

This disparity has been increasingly the focus of academic and policy research, and this Symposium aims to bring together practitioners, policy researchers, and scholars to explore this issue. In particular, the KLJ symposium seeks to address how tax law, property law, and other legal systems that have created and reinforced the conditions that lead to White families having median wealth of approximately $188,000, while Black families have median wealth of only 15% of that amount, or approximately $24,000. In addition to exploring the evolution of the problem, the KLJ symposium will explore possible solutions or proposals that would ameliorate the disparity.

8:30 AM: Opening Remarks

  • Mary Davis (Dean, Kentucky)
  • Jennifer Bird-Pollan (Kentucky; Google Scholar)

9:00 AM: Real Estate, Housing, and Blockbusting

  • Richard Winchester (Seton Hall; Google Scholar)
  • Daniel Murphy (Kentucky)
  • Dillon Curtis (Kentucky Law Journal Staff Editor) (moderator)

10:00 AM: Implications of Tax Code Bias

11:00 AM: Wage Enslavement and Prison Entrapment

1:00 PM: The Problem with Colorblindness

  • Dr. Malik Edwards, (North Carolina Central; Google Scholar)
  • William Darity (Duke; Google Scholar)
  • Jeremy Bearer-Friend, (George Washington; Google Scholar)
  • Georgiana Sook (Kentucky Law Journal Staff Editor) (moderator)

2:00 PM: The Racial Wealth Gap, Government Health Benefits, and Economic Inequality

  • Bridget Crawford (Pace; Google Scholar)
  • Palma Joy Strand (Creighton)
  • Nicholas Mirkay (Hawaii; Google Scholar)
  • Aurora Grutman
  • Holly Couch (Kentucky Law Journal Staff Editor) (moderator)

3:00 PM: State-Focused Policy Solutions

  • Cortney Sanders (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities)
  • Jason Bailey (Kentucky Center for Economic Policy)
  • Dr. Rajeev Darolia (Kentucky; Google Scholar)
  • Regina Lewis (Ph.D. candidate, Kentucky)
  • Jackson Sanders (Kentucky Law Journal Staff Editor) (moderator)

4:00 PM: Closing Remarks

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