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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Will 2024 Law Grads Find Jobs After Law School Enrollment Boom?, Will 2024 Law Grads Find Jobs After Law School Enrollment Boom? Location May Be Everything:

Enrollment for 2021 at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University was the largest class “in our more than 50-year history with over 300 first-year J.D. students attending,” Andrew Jaynes, assistant dean of admissions at the law school told on Monday.

The law school enrolled 234 1L students in 2020 and enrolled 307 (+31%) in 2021, according to the school’s 509 Reports.

The American Bar Association released the law schools’ 2021 509 Reports last week, which showed that law schools reported 42,718 first-year students began studies in the fall of 2021 (plus the preceding winter/spring/summer terms for schools with multiple start dates). This is an increase of 4,516 (11.8%) 1L students from the 2020 reporting cycle. …

Law schools with some of the most dramatic increases in 1L enrollment between 2020 to 2021 include Boston College Law School, which went from 255 to 353 [+38%]; Columbia University Law School, which went from 394 to 479 [+22%]; Harvard University Law School; which went from 501 to 562 [+12%]; New York University School of Law, which went from 425 to 484 [+14%]; the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, which went from 249 to 309 [+24%]; Seton Hall University School of Law, which went from 219 to 307 ]+40%]; and the School of Law at University of Texas-Austin, which went from 295-417 [+41%]., Law School Enrollment Is Way Up—But Will the Job Market Ever Be Able to Match It?:

“Is the legal employment market going to be up 12% in three years?,” law school admissions consultant Mike Spivey asked. “Where does all the slack in the rope go?”

It’s great revenue for law schools to bring in students, but if the legal market can’t accommodate them then it’s not so great for schools, he said.

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