The 2023 Littler Annual Employer Survey Report Released in May

The 2023 Littler Annual Employer Survey Report Released in May

The 2023 Littler Annual Employer Survey Report was released last month. The 31-page report “offers insights for employers as they look to mitigate risk, seize new opportunities, and lay the foundation for the future workplace,” reads the Executive Summary. This year’s report zoomed in on three major areas of interest to employers:

1) The lasting effects of Covid-19: hybrid work, disability accommodations are here to stay

2) Employers are bracing for heightened regulatory enforcement, increasingly active state legislatures

3) AI and other new technologies pose opportunities, challenges

Accordingly, the questions asked of the 515 respondents to the online survey—in-house lawyers (55%), HR professionals (39%), and C-suite executives or other professionals (6%) based across the U.S. and representing a range of industries and company sizes—were sorted into three sections, each containing a series of questions, with an additional section inquiring about ESG (environmental, social, and governance), a hot-button issue in 2023.

1) Workplace management (5 questions)

2) Workplace regulation and litigation (7 questions)

3) Technology in the workplace (5 questions, including 3 on AI/GAI)

4) Environmental, social and governance (ESG) and corporate responsibility (2 questions)

To download the full report and examine the more than 500 responses to all the questions in bar graphs and pie charts, with analysis from Littler’s attorneys, click here.

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