The 3 Best Phone Plans Under $30

You wouldn’t believe it based on the prices you see from major wireless carriers, but you can actually get plenty of data for less than $30 per month, along with unlimited talk and text, of course.

Many smaller prepaid carriers offer cellphone plans for well under $30 per month, and we’ve narrowed down the best of the bunch.

Here’s our list of the best cellphone plans under $30 per month (click through for full results):

Mint Mobile $30 Unlimited Plan

If you’ve seen actor Ryan Reynolds on your TV recently, it’s either because he’s promoting another movie or talking about Mint Mobile.

Reynolds owns Mint Mobile, and to his credit, Mint offers arguably the best deal in the whole wireless industry. Mint Mobile’s $30 Unlimited Plan beats out any other unlimited plan in terms of price.

Mint provides coverage for its customers via T-Mobile’s network, which just so happens to be the best network for 5G coverage currently. If you want an affordable unlimited plan, Mint Mobile is your best bet.

U.S. Mobile Unlimited Talk & Text With a Ludicrous 12GB of Data

You don’t get unlimited data with this U.S. Mobile plan, but you get 12GB of high-speed data for just $15 per month.

It’s half the price compared to Mint Mobile’s Unlimited plan, but you’ll need to live without unlimited data. As long as you don’t spend hours scrolling through TikTok or streaming YouTube videos without connecting to Wi-Fi, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem staying under your data cap.

It’s also worth noting that U.S. Mobile provides coverage for its customers via Verizon’s network, which offers the most reliable 4G coverage in the country.

Reach Mobile Best Fit 10GB Plan

Reach Mobile uses T-Mobile’s network to provide coverage for its customers.

Along with its affordable data plans, Reach donates a portion of your bill to help underprivileged women and students in the U.S., India and Africa. It’s always nice knowing that every time you pay your cellphone bill you’re also donating to charity.

One of our favorite things about Reach is that if you use less data, your monthly payment can go down. Let’s say you sign up for the 10GB plan, but use less than 8GB in a given month: You’ll be charged for the 8GB plan rather than the 10GB plan.

Twigby Wireless Unlimited Talk & Text and 10GB Data

Twigby is similar to U.S. Mobile in that it uses Verizon’s network to provide wireless coverage, but it costs a few dollars more for a few less gigs of data.

The advantage Twigby offers over U.S. Mobile is the inclusion of hotspot data, international calling and family line discounts.

All in all, U.S. Mobile offers more than Twigby, but if you’re looking for a cellphone plan under $30 per month that comes with free global calling and hotspot data, Twigby makes a lot of sense.

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