The Best Craigslist Alternatives for Selling Your Stuff in 2022

Have you ever tried listing something for sale on Craigslist that sat for weeks or months without getting any bites? Or perhaps you’ve had a deal fall through because someone tried to scam you or just never showed up on the day of the sale?

Craigslist is a popular local classifieds website, and for some, selling on Craigslist is a pain-free process. But it’s also been around since 1995, and it can feel somewhat outdated. And depending on what you’re selling, there are numerous Craigslist alternatives that are likely more effective.

With different apps and websites, you can sell your stuff to local and international buyers. If you’re ready to do some spring-cleaning and turn your clutter into cash, these alternatives to Craigslist are certainly worth using.

The Best Craigslist Alternatives for Selling Your Stuff

The Facebook Marketplace is essentially the modern equivalent of Craigslist, and it’s the perfect place to start selling if you want to sell to people in your area.

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But there are also plenty of online selling options you can use to widen your pool of potential buyers, some of which may be a better option, depending on what you’re trying to sell.

Best Overall: Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Logo

The Facebook Marketplace is one of the best alternatives to Craigslist because it’s extremely easy for buyers and sellers to use. And the fact that Facebook is so popular means its marketplace is incredibly active, which helps you find buyers quickly.

To sell stuff on the Facebook Marketplace, you just need a Facebook account. From there, you create free listings on the marketplace to sell just about anything, including popular categories like:

  • Apparel
  • Books
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Home goods
  • Sports equipment
  • Toys
  • Video games

Between the lack of fees and sheer size of the marketplace, Facebook is really the first place you should list old stuff you have for sale. Plus, you can sell almost anything on it, making it a versatile and beginner-friendly Craigslist alternative.

Best for Online Technology Sales: Decluttr

Decultr Logo 1

Do you have old laptops or cellphones sitting in your garage or storage space collecting dust? If so, another reliable Craigslist alternative you can use to recycle electronics for cash is Decluttr

In addition to old cellphones and laptops, Decluttr takes:

  • CDs and DVDs
  • Headphones
  • Kindle readers
  • Speakers
  • Tablets
  • Video games and gaming consoles
  • Wearables

The variety of electronics and brands it takes makes Decluttr unique. And you can also sell tech that’s in faulty or poor condition, whereas many tech resale websites only want products in good or fair condition.

Decluttr also gives you upfront quotes for your tech after you answer a few questions, and it typically pays the most or competitive rates versus other tech marketplaces.

Other popular Decluttr features include:

  • Payment through direct deposit or with PayPal cash
  • Free shipping to Decluttr
  • No selling fees

Best for Local Tech Sales: Swappa

Swappa Logo 1

Swappa is another popular marketplace for selling new and used tech. But what makes Swappa different is that you can sell tech locally to skip the shipping hassle without having to schedule a meetup yourself. 

Through its partnership with delivery company Roadie, Swappa offers next-day delivery on packages in over 40 cities. If your city has Swappa Local, you can mark your listing as “Local Delivery” and have Roadie take the order to your buyer. It costs $10 for sellers, but it’s fast, and you don’t have to meet a stranger for an in-person sale.

Some of the most popular categories on the site include:

  • Cameras
  • Cellphones 
  • Computers and laptops
  • Home tech (such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home)
  • Smartwatches
  • Tablets
  • Video games

Local Swappa sales pay through PayPal.

Best for Online Resellers: eBay

Ebay Logo 1

If you’re trying to sell a variety of stuff and want to get rid of everything as fast as possible, eBay is one of the best selling options.

It lets you create up to 250 free monthly listings. After that, listing fees are 3% to 15% plus $0.30 per order, depending on the category and sale price. But one massive difference between eBay and Craigslist is the selling options:

  • Auction: Set an auction starting price and time frame and have potential buyers bid on your listing.
  • Buy It Now: Choose a set price buyers must pay.

Overall, the advantage of selling stuff on eBay is that you access an active marketplace of millions of buyers. That helps get more eyeballs on your listings and faster sales, assuming your prices are reasonable. So if you run a virtual storefront and resale business, it’s one of your best options.

Best for Hyper-Local Sales: Nextdoor

Nextdoor Logo

Nextdoor is a social networking app for neighborhoods that lets users connect with their community for events and to buy and sell stuff.

Since Nextdoor breaks down cities into neighborhoods, it’s incredibly useful for selling bulky or fragile goods you don’t want to ship, such as a dining room set, outdoor grill, or boxes of fine china. Whatever you’re selling, you can make a listing on Nextdoor and then chat with people in your immediate area to coordinate a sale.

And because you’re more likely to know who you’re selling to, it can be a lot safer, though you should still take the same precautions when selling to neighbors you don’t know. But the hyper-local aspect of this marketplace makes selling much easier for both parties.

Best for Seller Safety: OfferUp

Offerup Logo

OfferUp lets you sell in-person for free or online for a 12.9% fee ($1.99 minimum). And you can sell almost anything, with popular categories including:

  • Baby supplies
  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Health and beauty products
  • Pet supplies
  • Toys
  • Video games

But one unique OfferUp feature is that it has recommended safe meeting places. They’re usually near police stations and busy public areas to help keep buyers and sellers safe. 

Buyers and sellers also earn badges on their profiles for tasks like confirming their phone number or verifying their identity, which helps reduce scams and increase platform safety.

Best for Selling Designer Women’s Clothing & Accessories: Poshmark

Poshmark Logo

Poshmark focuses on designer and well-known women’s clothing brands, though you can still sell other categories, like men’s clothing and home goods.

Poshmark splits seller fees into two categories:

  • Sales Under $15: Flat commission of $2.95
  • Sales Over $15: 20% seller fee

This selling fee is steep compared to selling for free on Craigslist or classifieds websites. However, Poshmark is many people’s first stop when buying new or gently used clothing and accessories online, so it’s an active marketplace. Plus, buyers pay for shipping, so that cost is off your plate.

Best for Luxury Goods: Mercari

Mercari Logo

Mercari lets you create free listings through its Android or iOS app. You can sell almost anything, including popular categories like apparel, electronics, home goods, and even vintage and antique goods.

But what makes Mercari different from other selling apps is its luxury goods. The marketplace has plenty of listings for categories like jewelry, designer clothing, expensive electronics, and watches. And you can list designer clothing and accessories on both Poshmark and Mercari to find buyers faster.

There’s even an Authenticate feature that can give designer listings an authenticity badge, helping you get sales faster. Plus, customers can buy now and pay later through Zip on lots of pricier Mercari merchandise, which also helps you attract more buyers.

If you make a sale, you pay a 10% seller fee and a 2.9% + $0.30 payment processing fee. You can also offer free shipping or charge shipping costs. Shipping rates depend on package weight, distance, and courier.

Seller fees are the downside to selling with Mercari versus Craigslist. But if you want a one-stop shop to sell almost anything you have, it’s the best choice.

Best for Selling Kids Stuff: Kidizen

Kidizen Logo

Eventually, your kid will outgrow that dinosaur onesie and stop playing with their “Star Wars” Lego set. And when that time comes, you can use Kidizen to sell your kids’ stuff to other parents.

Kidizen lets you sell new and used kids stuff like:

  • Baby supplies
  • Books
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Maternity wear
  • Nursery and room decor
  • Toys

You also have two ways to sell:

  • Start Listing: Create your own Kidizen listings by uploading your products, photos, and prices and negotiating with potential buyers.
  • Kidizen Scout: Work with a Kidizen scout who comes to your home and finds the best products to sell and creates the listings for you. You split your profits with the Kidizen Scout for their expertise.

Kidizen charges 12% plus $0.50 per sale, and sellers are responsible for shipping costs. But if you have several kids garments or unused toys and baby gear lying around, Kidizen is where you should sell.

Best for Selling Services: Locanto

Locanto Logo

You can sell stuff on Locanto just like on Craigslist. But Locanto also has a range of other categories, including:

  • Classes
  • Events
  • Finding roommates or rooms to rent
  • Jobs
  • Personals section (online dating)
  • Services
  • Social networking

This variety makes Locanto a robust classifieds website. You can use Locanto to start a side hustle or promote a side business. For example, many people list services like landscaping help, cleaning services, or gig economy jobs.

If you’re just selling stuff, Locanto is basically the same as Craigslist, so duplicating your listing can help you get more eyeballs on the stuff you have for sale. But this Craigslist alternative truly shines for growing your own small business and finding local clients.

Best for Duplicating Craigslist Listings: Other Online Classified Sites

If none of the other alternatives seems like the right fit but you’re still having trouble selling your stuff on Craigslist, the answer might be to cross-post your Craigslist ad. 

Unlike moving to an entirely new platform, which requires you to tailor your listing to a new audience, these Craigslist alternatives work enough like Craigslist that a well-written Craigslist ad works just as well there and gets your listing in front of more eyeballs. 

Granted, duplicating your listings on multiple websites takes time. If you’re not getting any sales, you can also consider lowering your listing price or adding more photos and information to see if that attracts buyers.

Methodology: How We Select the Best Craigslist Alternatives

There are so many methods for selling your old stuff to make money. Some sellers swear by a single platform, while others use various apps and websites to find buyers.

And there’s no one right answer. The best Craigslist alternative for you largely depends on what you’re selling and if you want to sell in-person or online.

However, we rank the best Craigslist alternatives using numerous criteria so you can avoid steep fees and enjoy a flexible, straightforward selling process.

Ease of Use

Platform ease-of-use is an important consideration when selling stuff for cash. You want to spend time negotiating with buyers or finding more stuff to sell, not agonizing over website bugs and a clunky listing process.

That’s why the best Craigslist alternatives let you list items for sale in a few minutes. Ideally, selling platforms should also have a mobile app or mobile-friendly web version so you don’t deal with tech problems and frustration when trying to sell.

Every platform on this list is easy to use and generally free of bugs.

Seller Fees

One primary reason to use Craigslist is that you don’t pay listing and sale fees. The trade-off is meeting strangers in person for cash sales.

Paying 10% to 20% in fees can be worth it if the platform helps you find buyers quickly. Just factor these fees into your pricing accordingly.

Shipping Costs

Like seller fees, shipping costs can turn an otherwise lucrative sale into a disappointing hassle. And it’s one the platforms have little to no control over.

Always consider the complexity and cost of shipping the products you’re selling. If shipping is too expensive or cumbersome, Craigslist alternatives that let you sell in person or let the buyer pay shipping costs are best. But don’t rule out paying for shipping if it could increase your profit or the convenience.


Some classified ads sites are great for in-person sales but lackluster for online selling. Similarly, marketplaces like eBay are practically only for online selling, despite its local pickup option.

When ranking the best Craigslist alternatives, seller flexibility was another important consideration. As much as possible, we looked for platforms with multiple options for getting the goods to your buyer.

Craigslist Alternatives FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Craigslist is one of the first and most popular classifieds websites. But selling stuff online looks very different these days compared to 1995. That’s why understanding the common questions people have about selling used goods can help you succeed.

How Can I Sell Stuff More Quickly?

When you create a listing on an online marketplace, you’re competing with a pool of other sellers. So you want to attract buyers and convince them to buy from you.

If you want to stand out from the competition, there are several strategies you should implement:

  • Be Open to Chatting. When selling online, you’re going to deal with counteroffers and negotiation. Be open to haggling with buyers as long as they’re not lowballing you.
  • Respond Quickly. Get back to potential buyers promptly so they don’t move on to another seller.
  • Upload Multiple Photos. Adding numerous photos helps buyers feel more confident since they can see the condition of what you’re selling from multiple angles. Take pictures in quality natural lighting with a clutter-free backdrop.
  • Write Descriptive Titles. Add information like brand, size, color, and condition to your title so buyers immediately know what you’re selling and to increase the likelihood your product will come up in their search results.
  • Write In-Depth Descriptions. Incorporate even more information, like the benefits of the product you’re selling and how old it is. You can even mention details like living in a smoke- or pet-free home if you’re selling anything that can retain smells.

How Do I Avoid Scammers?

The best way to avoid scammers is to stick with platform-approved payment processors.

For example, marketplaces like Mercari and OfferUp handle payments for buyers and sellers in exchange for a fee. But these companies also protect buyers and sellers and can refund payments if someone tries to scam the other person.

But if you go with off-platform payment methods, like using PayPal or direct deposit, you lose platform protection.

The same goes for selling stuff in person. Avoid using online payment methods or accepting checks since scammers can refund online payments or write bad checks.

Additionally, vet buyers by checking their profiles for reviews and photos of them. If you’re dealing with a brand-new account, be skeptical, especially on marketplaces like Facebook, where people normally have photos and friends.

Also, remember to protect your personal information. For example, use a separate seller email and don’t give out your phone number.  If you suspect someone is fishing for personal information or sends you emails or messages with random links, stop dealing with the buyer and report them on the platform you’re selling on.

Finally, if you’re meeting in person, do so in a busy public area rather than at one of your homes or places of business.

For more information, see our article on avoiding marketplace scammers

Why Should I Pay for a Craigslist Alternative?

Some of the best Craigslist alternatives are completely free, which is one reason to begin your selling process on Facebook Marketplace.

But seller fees are often worth it if it helps you sell a more specific type of product to buyers who are willing to pay more.

For example, if you’re selling an expensive Coach handbag, there are probably more buyers on Poshmark willing to pay for it than your local Facebook Marketplace group. And even though you’re paying seller fees on Poshmark, if it gets you a sale much faster than free sites like Craigslist, the fees might be worth it.

What Do I Do if My Stuff Doesn’t Sell?

Listings can get stale over time and become buried under a mass of fresh listings. That’s a typical challenge with selling stuff online, so don’t despair if you’re not getting sales after a few weeks or months.

Your first solution is to list your stuff on other marketplaces. Cross-listing is a popular strategy sellers use to get more views on their products.

Some marketplaces also let you repost the same thing for sale after a certain period. You can find that information by reading the marketplace’s seller rules.

Furthermore, some marketplaces let you pay to promote your listings. For example, OfferUp lets you bump listings to the top of the marketplace feed for $1.99. If you’re struggling to sell something, this small fee might be worth it to find more potential buyers.

Should I Sell Online or in Person?

Selling stuff online is useful if you want to sell things quickly or find buyers for a niche category. For example, selling collectible coins or rare antiques might be easier online than locally. Selling online also removes meeting a stranger in person from the equation.

In contrast, selling in person is better if you want to avoid selling fees. And for bulky or fragile goods, in-person sales remove the hassle and cost of shipping.

How to Choose the Best Craigslist Alternative for Selling Your Stuff

The right Craigslist alternative really depends on what you’re selling. 

For example, niche marketplaces like Poshmark and Decluttr are excellent alternatives for selling clothing and tech, respectively, and may net you more cash. But you can also use more general selling options like the Facebook Marketplace and Mercari to expand your pool of buyers.

If you have the time, cross-listing your products on multiple websites is the best way to make a fast sale. And you never know; if you have a knack for selling stuff online, you could even try your hand at retail arbitrage and buy merchandise to flip for a profit.

Just remember to take numerous product photos and write an in-depth description to give potential buyers as much information as possible. With some time and practice, you can make quick cash by selling things you no longer need or even use these Craigslist alternatives to start a flipping side hustle.

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