The chart guy, Logan Mohtashami, to headline HW Annual

Did you know Logan Mohtashami — the chart guy — got his professional start working as a pizza boy? From serving delicious food to serving career-changing mortgage data like no one else can, Mohtashami is a force to be reckoned with. Twitter trolls beware. 

Mohtashami, lead analyst at HousingWire, will share his chart-powered wisdom at HousingWire Annual 2023 through his keynote,  “Making Sense of Wild Housing Data for 2023.” Kicking off the event on Oct. 10, his keynote is the first of our three days of knowledge-packed sessions.

“I get to debunk the mortgage rate lockdown,” said Mohtashami when asked what he was excited to share on stage at HW Annual. 

Mohtashami has a passion for sharing his mortgage and housing economy knowledge. According to Logan, if he could change anything in the housing industry, Mohtahsami says he would, “reduce the cost of a mortgage.” As the lead analyst for Housingwire, he creates weekly housing market trackers so readers can get the most up-to-date information on the housing market. That’s awesome weekly data that you can read here!  Mohtashami’s reports often highlight: 

He is a frequent guest on the HousingWire Daily Podcast, hosted by Sarah Wheeler.

“Logan has a unique ability to explain what’s happening in the market in a way that’s very accessible — and entertaining! I’m excited for our audience to get to hear his insights on mortgage rates in the middle of this very volatile rate environment,” Wheeler said.  HW Daily Podcast fans can also look forward to a live filming of the podcast on the final day of HousingWire Annual!

Prior to his time at HousingWire, Mohtashami worked as a senior loan manager for AMC Lending Group. He continues to appear as a market expert on CNBC, NPR and various industry conferences across the country. 

“The big themes in housing in 2024 will be mortgage rates and inventory,” said Mohtashami. 

Meanwhile in 2023 specifically, Mohtashami has learned to, “never lose his passion for making charts,” as attendees will see firsthand at HW Annual. 

HW Annual is HousingWire’s capstone mortgage event, connecting leading professionals from across the housing economy who seek to grow, innovate and win market share. This is where strategies are formed, deals are inked and lifelong relationships are solidified. Remember, a benefit of being an HW+ member is that you get 50% off your admission to HW Annual, so go here to become a member. Join us in Austin, Texas October 10-12 for community, content and commerce.

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