The ETF Investor Guide for April 2022

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Market Perspective: Equities Rebound to Close a Volatile Quarter

Equities rebounded after a volatile first quarter; the S&P 500 Index increased 3.05 percent over the past month. Economic data remains mixed. The economy is growing, but high prices and supply chain disruptions are persistent. Interest rates increased steadily throughout the month as the Federal Reserve signaled it would accelerate rate hikes and balance-sheet reduction. The U.S. financial markets remain the most attractive, with major weakness in foreign currencies and economies.

Economic growth has been improving. The Atlanta Federal Reserve raised its first-quarter growth estimate to 1.3 percent as of April 19. Homebuilding is one of the strongest subsectors, with permits, housing starts and sales all strong. Existing home sales are also going strong. Higher interest rates have weighed on homebuilder stocks. iShares U.S. Home Construction (ITB) fell 10.84 percent the past month, making it the worst-performing U.S. subsector ETF. Of the ETFs covered in the ETF Investor Guide, only VanEck Egypt (EGPT) performed worse…Continue Reading

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